Meghan Markle absent from coronation due to William

Kate and Meghan of the Royal family

Surprisingly, Prince Harry e Duchess Meghan they made a long wait for their response to the invitation to the coronation of the King Charles III. A few days ago it was announced that the Duke of Sussex will be present at the historic event on May 6, 2023 in London, ma without his wife.

In an official statement of the Buckingham Palace, it is stated that the Duchess will stay in California with children lilibet e Archie, who will turn four on the same day of his coronation.

There are rumors about the real reasons behind the resignation of the former actress. Rumor has it that there has been a new falling out with the royals since i Sussex, like other high-ranking members of the British royal family, they would like to greet from the balcony of the Palazzo. Also, the seating arrangement and the fact that Archie e lilibet not invited due to their age would have created tensions behind the scenes.

Prince William's role in Meghan's renunciation

The main reason Meghan would have given up on the coronation would be her brother-in-law, Prince William. An insider at the building revealed to “New Idea” magazine that Carlo was undecided about how to handle the fact that his son and daughter-in-law had made them wait a long time for their response to the invitation. At that point, the Crown Prince would have intervened:

Both Harry and Meghan had been invited, but it's safe to say that William took a sour taste to the invitation. He told the building's employees that Meghan was not supposed to get close to Kate under no circumstances, after everything he did to his wife.

Compromise between William and Charles and future rumours

La source keep on:

“No one would be surprised if William used his new title of Prince of Wales to exclude it. He probably compromised with his father to do so, who insisted on having both sons present at his accession to the throne."

It has long been said that Prince William was against the invitation of Prince Harry e Duchess Meghan. The father of three is still very angry and hurt by the behavior of his younger brother, who publicly accused him of treason, called him "sworn enemy" and even claimed to being attacked by him.

According to these rumors, that they are in no way confirmed and official, it is said that Prince William only calmed down when Meghan was quietly shut out and unobtrusive from the event.

We remind you that these claims are not confirmed and are only rumors. 
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