Micol Incorvaia and Antonella Fiordelisi make peace, Edoardo's reaction

Micol Incorvaia makes peace
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In an era where social networks seem more ready to set fire than to unite, it is surprising and at the same time refreshing to see two well-known personalities from the entertainment world take a step towards reconciliation. We are talking about Micol Incorvaia and Antonella Fiordelisi, names known to the public above all for their presence in Big Brother Vip and a past relationship with Edoardo Donnamaria. An intricate situation that seems to have found a peaceful and mature solution.

The argument between Micol and Antonella

It's no secret that things are going on between Micol and Antonella had never been simple. Both participants of the same reality show e with a mutual ex-boyfriend, it was inevitable that tension between the two would rise.

But, as often happens, il tempo has run its course, mitigating old disagreements.

Micol Incorvaia's initiative to make peace

After months of apparent detachment and silence, Micol makes a gesture that no one expected. With a video on Instagram, Incorvaia has opened the doors to one new phase in his relationship with Antonella, showing himself in a mature and constructive light.

Not only did he clarify about don't have any more grudges, but also gave warm good luck for Fiordelisi's new television adventure.


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Antonella Fiordelisi's response: a follow says more than a thousand words

Antonella, for her part, did not remain indifferent. Welcoming Micol's gesture, she began following her on Instagram. A simple click which, in an increasingly digitalized world, represents a significant step forward in their relationship.


Edoardo Donnamaria's reaction: a tweet for the epilogue

Finally, the fierce commentator of this story, Edoardo Donnamaria. With a tweet as sharp as it was ironic, she expressed her vision of the events, creating a new hashtag to celebrate the peace found between her former companions.

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