Prince Harry and Meghan Markle divorce after coronation?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, according to what was reported by In Touch Weekly, have already decided to divorce, but would like to wait until the end of the coronation to be able to do so and to avoid the media focusing on them and not on King Charles III . Furthermore, the Duchess of Sussex would have seen a potential that would have made her earn millions of dollars disappear due to some statements written in "Spare-The Minor".

It seems that soon fans of the Prince Harry need Meghan Markle, aka “the rebel dukes”, will soon have to say goodbye to their favorites. According to what was reported by In Touch Weekly, Meghan Markle not only would not agree to follow the second son of King Charles III in London to make a common front against some tabloids, but she would have already communicated hers to her husband intention to divorce immediately aftercoronation of King Charles III.

The former American actress, according to some rumors, would like to avoid theyet another clamor about their couple, choosing to part ways since Prince Harry before and thus causing an earthquake which would cloud thecoronation of King Charles III. But what would have led her to make this irremediable and definitive decision? Well, behind her there seems to be "yet another slight" made by her husband (or rather, future ex-husband) towards her.

“Spare-The Minor”, ​​a revelation in Prince Harry's shock autobiography would have ruined Meghan

Apparently, inside of Spare-The minor, the shocking autobiography written by Prince Harry that catapulted general attention to the Dukes of Sussex, there is a sentence relating to thedrug use by the second son of King Charles III, which would not only shame the hell out of it Meghan Markle, but even would have done them lose millions of dollars it's done vanish its chance to get involved in politics (remember that the new presidential elections will start this year in the United States).

In short, not really a trivial deal, but this seems to have been the classic straw that broke the camel's back after cashing in a long string of failures: from her career as an actress, in fact never took off, to the far from idyllic relationships with the English Royal Family, passing through the loss of numerous friends on American soil and the hatred that seems ever more tangible towards him and those of Prince Harry.

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