Sanremo 2023: why wasn't Chiara Ferragni in the Special?

Chiara Ferragni

Yesterday, Monday 10 April 2023, on Rai Uno, the Easter Monday special dedicated to Sanremo 2023, or "Between Palco and Reality", was broadcast, but viewers immediately noticed a discordant note: Chiara Ferragni was not present in all the documentary! Here because.

It was there great protagonist of the Sanremo Festival 2023 but, in the special documentary dedicated to the event, that is “Between Stage and Reality”, aired Monday 10 April 2023 for Easter Monday, it was literally cancelled, as if de facto had never taken part in it. Who are we talking about? Obviously of Chiara Ferragni which, during Sanremo 73, as well as bring gods important messages on the conditions of women in Italy and in the world, also put emphasis on problem of violence against women, stalking and feminicide (remember that, in Italy, on average a woman is killed every two-three days by her ex-spouse, husband, partner, boyfriend, friend or close family member).

In addition they asked the reason for this choice and, some, have also begun to malign the possibilities: there are those who think that, the Rai, was annoyed by her monologue, who, behind this decision, there is the "performance" made by her husband Fedez with Rosa Chemical and who, again, that it was a "revenge" of Amadeus, the artistic director, in response to the "I would like to but I can't" from the digital entrepreneur a Sanremo 2024.

Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni, that's why she was not present in the Easter Monday special

None of this: the real reason, according to what reported by Gossip and TVwould be some clauses, contained in the contract of Chiara Ferragni and pertaining to the first season of the TV series The Ferragnezes, available on Amazon Prime Video (and of which, in theory, the second season should also have been filmed, but then it would have been skipped due to the marital crisis between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni).

According to these clauses, Amazon Prime Video would already have an exclusive for the second chapter of the Ferragnez (which, hopefully, should arrive in autumn 2023) where, among other things, Chiara Ferragni he will also talk about the Sanremo experience and the "after".

Precisely this exclusive would have prevented the Rai to include in the Easter Monday special also Chiara Ferragni, which therefore was not "deliberately cancelled", but was not placed out of respect for its contract with Amazon Prime Video and also to avoid having legal problems with the Amazon streaming platform.

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