Sanremo 2023: lineup and songs of the first evening

A few hours separate us from the opening night of Sanremo 2023 and, for the occasion, the media went to peek behind the scenes of the Festival. Here's how rehearsals are going and what we'll see tonight.

In San Remo i singers warm up the voices and, while the fans, already from the early hours of this morning, began to crowd the city in the hope of meeting their idols on the "green carpet", the first rumors of what we will see during the opening night of the Festival.

It will start big with the performance of Anna Oxa, even if, in the last few hours, the big has already ended up at the center of a controversy for deserting the green carpet and disappointing thousands of waiting fans.

They will then follow JAMARIA, winner of Sanremo Youth 2022, Mr Rain, Marco Mengoni, Ram, Ultimo , Coma Things, Elodie, Leo Gassman, Countryside cousins, Conjure, Olly, Glue Uncle e Sarah Mattei.

Complete lineup of songs from the first evening

Here is the recipe full lineup in order of exit.

  1. Anna Oxa – “Sali (Song of the soul)”
  2. Gianmaria – “Monster”
  3. Mr. Rain – “Superheroes”
  4. Marco Mengoni – “Two Lives”
  5. Aries – “Sea of ​​Troubles”
  6. Last – “Dawn”
  7. Coma_Cose – “The farewell”
  8. Elodie – “Two”
  9. Leo Gassmann – “Third Heart”
  10. Country Cousins ​​– “Letter 22”
  11. Gianluca Grignani – “When you are out of breath”
  12. Olly – “Dust”
  13. Colla Zio – “I don't like it”
  14. Mara Sattei – “Two thousand minutes”

Sanremo 2023, the frenzy near the Ariston theater

Le trials are still ongoing and, meanwhile, except for a small hitch for the Modà (of which, in the meantime, we have no further news), everything seems to be going well.

This morning there have also already been the press conferences of three big names, that is Giorgia, Ultimo e Conjure, while Fedez, just below the Globo hotel, has gathered its fans for a special live broadcast of Wild Moss.

Still a mystery on the other hand Zelensky, which looks like it won't be in the final evening of the Sanremo Festival, but in return would have entrusted to Fiorello a letter with mysterious content and to be read during the live broadcast.

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