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When it comes to figures who have left an indelible mark on Italian political and economic history, Silvio Berlusconi immediately springs to mind. Born on September 29, 1936, charismatic, controversial and hardworking, this entrepreneur and politician has shaped Italy in many ways. But his career was not just a path of roses and flowers. Over the years, Berlusconi has been at the center of several judicial scandals, and his name has often been associated even with the mafia. In this article, we'll take a journey through the life of Silvio Berlusconi, highlighting his triumphs and his controversies, including court scandals and his alleged relationship with the mafia.

The rise of the entrepreneur: from humble beginnings to the Cavaliere del Lavoro

In the early years of his career, Silvio Berlusconi was an entertainer on ships and sold brooms. The turning point came when he decided to enter the Real Estate Market.

The dream of Milan 2: the creation of a city within a city

Berlusconi realized the project of Milan 2, a residential area that revolutionized the concept of living in the city. A combination of quality, services and greenery that consecrated him as a visionary entrepreneur.

The domination of the media: the birth of the Mediaset empire

With the law that put an end to the Rai monopoly, Berlusconi forcefully entered the world of the media.

He created a triopoly that changed the face of television in Italy. Innovative programs and a new way of making information made its networks a point of reference for Italians.

The Rete 4 case and the question of frequencies

There was a time when the name of Silvio Berlusconi was often associated with the word "frequencies" and, specifically, a 4 network. Rete 4, part of Berlusconi's broadcasting empire, found itself at the center of a legal storm stemming from its refusal to transfer its cable broadcasts as required by law. In 1990, the Mammi law determined that no subject could control more than two national networks and, since Mediaset had three channels in its grip (Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4), one of these would have to be moved to satellite or cable. Rete 4 was the candidate for this transfer. However, for years, Berlusconi's company has employed a series of legal ploys to avoid the transfer of frequencies. This has led to a series of legal battles and fines involving the company, the Italian government and the European Court. Despite the long dispute, in the end Rete 4 continued to broadcast on its frequencies without the necessary permits, and this represented one of the many controversial episodes linked to Berlusconi's media empire.

The Love of Football: The Birth of a Dynasty

AC Milan: Building a legend

With Berlusconi, Milan lived an era of unstoppable successes. The club not only won at home but became one of the most feared and respected football clubs in Europe.

Politics according to Berlusconi: A career between triumphs and turmoil

Forza Italia represented a breath of fresh air in the Italian political landscape, breaking away from traditional schemes and offering a new perspective to a public hungry for "diversity" and levity even in politics.

His leadership was characterized by a strong charisma, but also by numerous controversies. His ability to communicate with people was one of his great strengths, but at the same time there were many scandals that involved him and often put a bad image for the whole nation.

The romantic storm: the loves of Berlusconi

If anything can compete with the business and political career of Silvio Berlusconi by the number of headlines in the papers, it is undoubtedly her love life.

Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio

Berlusconi tied the knot for the first time with Carla Elvira Dall'Oglio in 1965. The couple had two children, Marina and Pier Silvio.

Veronica Lario

In 1980, Berlusconi meets Veronica Lario, an actress. After a divorce from Dall'Oglio, she married Lario in 1990. They have three children together: Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi. Their union ends in a stormy way in 2009.

Francesca Pascale

After the divorce from Lario, Berlusconi begins a relationship with Francesca Pascale, who is 49 years his junior. Their relationship lasts until 2019.

Martha Fascina

Berlusconi's last known flame is Martha Fascina, born in 1990 and member of Forza Italia. The age difference between the two is over fifty years. The two would later decide to have a "marriage without ceremony", focused mainly on appearance rather than an official and legal commitment. This, of course, attracted further media attention and discussions about the personal life of the former Prime Minister.

The love life of Silvio Berlusconi has been as eventful as her career has been, and both seem to have captured the attention of the public and the media alike.

Silvio Berlusconi: the scandals and the alleged relationship with the mafia

Judicial and legal scandals

Throughout his career, Silvio Berlusconi has been involved in numerous judicial and legal scandals.

Mills process

One of the notable scandals was the so-called “Mills Trial,” in which he was charged with bribery for allegedly paying British lawyer David Mills $600.000 in exchange for false testimony in two trials in the early 90s. Initially convicted, the sentence was later overturned by the Court of Cassation in 2014.

Ruby case

One of the most notorious scandals involving Berlusconi was the so-called "Ruby case". He was accused of having had sexual relations with a Moroccan minor, Karima El Mahroug, better known as Ruby, and of using her power to cover up the incident. In 2013, he was convicted in the first instance, but in 2014 he was acquitted on appeal, a decision confirmed in Cassation in 2015.

The alleged relationship with the mafia

The EFSA and ECDC's One Health report between Silvio Berlusconi and the mafia it has long been the subject of speculation and judicial enquiries.

In 1996, during the trial for the Capaci massacre, the repentant of the mafia Salvatore Cancemi he stated that the mafia had close ties with Berlusconi in the early 90s. Cancemi claimed that the Mafia viewed Berlusconi's business activities favorably.

In 2004, Marcello Dell'Utri, a longtime collaborator and friend of Berlusconi, he was convicted of external competition in a mafia association. Dell'Utri was accused of being the link between Berlusconi and the Sicilian mafia.

In 2018, the repentant of the mafia Thomas Buscetta released statements linking Berlusconi to the mafia, but provided no hard evidence.

It is important to underline that Silvio Berlusconi he has never been convicted of Mafia association, and all the allegations related to relations with the mafia did not lead to definitive convictions against him.

The death of Berlusconi from a long leukemia

Silvio Berlusconi has finally lost his battle against chronic leukemia at the age of 86. The former Prime Minister, media mogul and dominant figure in Italian politics for over three decades, Berlusconi was a complex and charismatic personality whose influence extended far beyond Italy's borders.

In recent years, Berlusconi's health has been the focus of attention precisely because of clearly serious problems. He fought against one Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, which compromised his immune system. This led to him spending many weeks in hospital, receiving treatments such as chemotherapy. Despite the challenges she has faced, she has tried to maintain an active role in Italian politics, showing his determination and resilience.

Despite recent health problems, he remained active in politics to the end, with his last election as senator in 2022. His disappearance marks the end of an era and leaves a void in the Italian political landscape.

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