Tiziano Ferro announces divorce, the touching message to fans

Tiziano Ferro divorce
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Those were years of love, those between Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen, which culminated in a marriage and two children. Unfortunately not everything is destined to last, so much so that it is he, Tiziano, who announces the divorce on social media.

The announcement of Tiziano Ferro's imminent divorce has moved fans and raised many questions, especially on the future of the two children which he shares with Allen. Here's what we know so far.

Tiziano Ferro's message on Instagram, the words directed to the fans

Tiziano Ferro underlined in a post on his Instagram profile such as separation has been addressed in silence to protect not only the own privacy, but above all that of his two children.

This act of opening is the hallmark of the relationship trust and respect which Ferro has always tried to maintain with his public.

It's no secret that the personal sphere can often intertwine with the professional one, especially for public figures like Ferro. Therefore, this communication direct represents a attempt to handle the story in an honest and respectful way.

Who is Victor Allen, the future ex-husband of Tiziano Ferro

Victor Allen it's a figure less known to the general public, at least until he became the husband of Tiziano Ferro. Details about his private and professional life have been largely overshadowed by the singer's notoriety.

But now that the couple is in the midst of divorce proceedings, media attention has inevitably fallen on him too, even though he is difficult to find out details about Allen's life.

La confidentiality that both are trying to maintain during this difficult phase is a clear sign of the desire to handle the situation with dignity and mutual respect.

Tiziano Ferro's priorities during the divorce are his children

At the center of the separation of Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen are their parents children, Whose protection has become one for Ferro absolute priority. This commitment to them has been made manifestly clear with the recent cancellation of professional commitments of the singer, including the presentation of his first novel.

Such a professional sacrifice is an eloquent testimony to how much Ferro cares about well-being of his children, overshadowing even crucial aspects of his career.

In choosing to protect his children, Ferro also made the difficult decision to do not obtain an Italian passport for them.

Although the reasons details of this decision have not been made explicit, one can assume that this is in some way linked to the dynamics of divorce and to Ferro's desire to guarantee the maximum protection to his children during this period of uncertainty.

The reaction of fans and the public to the divorce

Public and fan reactions to such personal news can be varied. However, in the case of Tiziano Ferro, most people showed a great surge of support and understanding.

The solidarity expressed through social media messages underlines the strength of relationship between the artist and his audience, a relationship built on years of direct and honest interaction.

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