Friends, is teacher Alessandra Celentano leaving the show?

Alessandra Celentano teacher of Amici

Alessandra Celentano, one of the most famous teachers of Amici di Maria De Filippi, has been in the news lately as there are rumors of her possible move to Dancing with the Stars.
In a recent interview with Tvblog, the dance teacher clarified her position on the matter and spoke about her future to Amici.

Here are the details.

Will Alessandra Celentano leave Amici?

Alessandra Celentano has clarified her position on the future CEO Friends during an interview with tvblog. When asked if he will return next year, he replied:

Never say never, but I think and hope so; we have annual contracts, which must be renewed. Someone tells me: 'Friends wouldn't exist without you'. I reply that it is not so.

Alessandra Celentano

His words suggest a strong possibility of seeing her again in the role of teacher in Maria De Filippi's popular talent show.

Teacher Celentano will move on to Dancing with the Stars?

Regarding the rumors of his possible move to Dancing with the Stars, Alessandra Celentano responded clearly. She explained that despite Dancing with the Stars is a dance program, it is very different from Friends.

If I would Dancing with the Stars? There is dance there, sure, but it's a completely different thing. I honestly never thought about it. Friends is now home and family for me. I have been here for many years, I have a splendid relationship with everyone and with Maria. So, again, I never thought about it.

Alessandra Celentano
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