Are Chiara Ferragni and Fedez divorcing? What we know

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I Ferragnez they are going through a complex period. It's not just the scandal linked to Pink Chemical to create havoc in their lives, but also the legal vicissitudes of Chiara Ferragni have contributed to a clear state of crisis.

During an operation a What's the weather like, Chiara she shared profound reflections on these difficulties, admitting the existence of real tensions between her and Fedez.

Chiara Ferragni responds to a fan: it wasn't my choice

Updated: 15 March 2024

Chiara Ferragni she responded to a comment from a fan who wrote to her: «Stupendous… but Faith, your added value», with the addition of three sad face emoticons. Chiara's response was: «Unfortunately it's not my choice.". The exchange went viral and confirms that Chiara attributed to external factors the reasons for the crisis with Fedez.

Chiara Ferragni confirms the serious crisis with Fedez at Che Tempo che Fa

Updated: 3 March 2024

During the interview with Fabio Fazio a What's the weather like, on March 3, Chiara Ferragni ha officially confirmed that he is in crisis with Fedez and no longer live under the same roof.

She openly admitted that despite efforts at communication and mutual understanding, she is unsure of the outcome of their relationship. Ferragni he recognized that the current difficulties represent a significant test for both, distancing himself from those interpretations that would like it crisis as a media artifice or a calculated move to draw attention.

His statement highlights the depth of the problems faced, dispelling the idea that their relationship could be manipulated for promotional or image purposes. The words offered a more authentic and vulnerable perspective on their relationship, highlighting how, despite life in the spotlight, even the most seemingly solid couples can go through moments of real uncertainty.

Hopes return: Chiara and Fedez wear their wedding rings again

Updated: 29 February 2024

A flash of hope lights up for fans of Ferragnez: Chiara she was spotted with hers faith wedding ring again on the finger. An event does not go unnoticed, especially considering that also Fedez, on the occasion of a conference in Torino, is shown wearing the symbol of their marriage again.

Is the couple getting divorced? Disappearance from social media

Updated: 28 February

The story between Chiara Ferragni e Fedez it gets complicated. It is rumored that their separation is just a move to divert attention from their problems with the law Chiara is facing. It all started when a Chiara was fined for an issue related to a famous pandoro. The situation deteriorated further when Fedez unsuccessfully asked to fire a manager close to Chiara, who is also in trouble with the law.

From there, the two began living separately in the same house, he downstairs and she upstairs with the children. The rumors of a divorce became increasingly louder, especially when the couple's photos disappeared from social media and there was talk of lawyers. But behind all this, one suspects a well-thought-out strategy, aexit strategy, to cover up the legal problems of Chiara.

The crisis returns: Fedez leaves his home in Milan

Updates: 22 February 2024

New problems for the Ferragnez couple. Chiara Ferragni he had problems due to difficult situations related to legal issues and this created tension in the couple. According to the latest rumors, they gradually began to support each other less in difficult times, leading to misunderstandings and distance.

The signs of this distance were clearly seen on social media, with fewer photos together and messages that seemed to say they were having a hard time.

The situation became even clearer when Fedez has decided to leave the house di Milano where he lived with Chiara. This step showed that their problems were serious and that perhaps there was no way to solve them at the moment. Fedez's choice to seek a new beginning indicates that they are experiencing a very difficult time and raises questions about how they will manage the future together, especially for their children.

Fedez clarifies: no crisis with Chiara, it was the fault of a psychotropic drug

Updates: 7 March 2023

After the last photographs that had taken the still close-knit and united couple, Fedez clarifies through Instagram stories in which he finally explains what happened.

Basically the fault of this period of crisis she was on a psychiatric drug which the singer made use of, which gave him bad side effects. Frightened, the rapper suddenly suspended it and the rebound effect gave him serious problems by preventing him from being present.

Find out all the details in the dedicated article.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni at the farmhouse

Updates: 6 March 2023

The crisis really doesn't seem to exist, there couple is united she's in love. That, at least, is what it looks like from the photos taken by the weekly"Novell 2000".

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni were pinched and photographed at a farmhouse with the daughter Victoria as they took her for a spin on a pony.

The strange thing, however, is that only photos of her with the children were present on Ferragni's profile, so Fedez seemed not to be there, but Novella 2000 resumed his presence.

source: novella 2000

Fear for Fedez, health problems?

Updates: 4 March 2023

The rapper Fedez did not show up witness of the important trial on the massacre of Corinth, where 5 minors and a woman lost their lives in a nightclub. She sent a medical certificate which has not been made public. It is feared that it may be related to hers health and his previous operation for a tumor.

Fedez: no crisis with my wife

Updates: 3 March 2023

Fedez he's back on social with a black background story. In the text she wanted to clarify that she is going through a clearly complex period and who prefers to distance himself from social media, but reassures fans: his has nothing to do with it relationship with his wife. Yes, the fans are calmer for the couple, but now they are terribly worried about Fedez and his health.

Chiara Ferragni posts a photo of her children without Fedez

Updates: 3 March 2023

Yes, we have seen them hand in hand, but their particular absence on social media is felt. Chiara Ferragni posts without problems in the stories, while Fedez is still silent on the press (we don't know the precise reason). Just in the last few hours, however, the Ferragni posted one photo of his two children with an inscription “My life in a pic”. My life in a picture. But Fedez is not present in this shot. Fans are getting more and more suspicious.

Fedez does not show up at lol3, the concern rises

Updates: 2 March 2023

Fedez's absence at the presentation of the third season of LOL on Prime Video has aroused concern among the fans, who wonder about the reasons for his absence. Serena Dandini confirmed the singer would not be attending the presentation, saying that “follows us from afar”. This has further fueled doubts about his current situation.

Furthermore, during the presentation of a new podcast, Fedez demonstrated some difficulty speaking, enough to apologize. This did arise questions on the popularity of his public image and on his private affairs.

Fedez still absent on social media

Updates: 2 March 2023

Despite the loving shot of the two, Fedez it is still in total silence on Instagram and the other social media and fans are starting to worry. Is there any other reason behind his total absence from his social profiles? At the moment there is no information, but the mother, and his manager, posted a very strange post about it envy and ignorance.

The couple's return to social media

Update of: 24 February 2023

Chiara and Fedez are back to Instagram with a very tender photo. The shot, placed in the stories of Ferragni's profile, takes up the their hands shaking. The crisis, therefore, would seem to have passed. Even if the two have not yet resumed their usual social activities that always saw them together.

Lunch with the Ferragni family on Sunday, without Fedez

Update of: 19/20 February 2023

La report between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez seems to be still brim, at least according to what can be seen from their social profiles. The voices of one crisis between the two continue to feed, with different theories circulating about it, some of which are more credible than others.

Over the course of the weekend, the influencer was seen a lunch at Palazzo Parigi in the company of mother Navy and some sisters Valentina and Frances. Fedezinstead, it was absent as usual.

During lunch, Chiara preferred to hold on away from her husband and enjoy the company of his family and friends, thus avoiding thinking about controversy circulating around her report. Theirs were also present with her children Lion, that it was his birthday on that day, and Vittoria.

Fedez accused of being gay

Update of: 18/19 February 2023

Una journalist tried to get information about her sexual orientation. Even going to ask friends and family who frequented it when they were little. The anonymous journalist, which Fedez has decided not to tag her in order not to ruin his reputation, he said that the investigation would come out "Fuori dal Coro". Obviously the artist has specified of don't be gay.

The accusation against Fuori dal Coro and Mario Giordano

Fedez, consequently, accuses “Out of the core" and especially Mario Giordano inviting him to specify if he still has the attributes in their place.

No reference to Chiara Ferragni

Fedez, while returning to the scene, made no reference to his wife Chiara Ferragni. In many users though, they have noticed that of background were present children's voices. So Fedez could easily be a property with the family.

Chiara and Fedez together at Cannavacciolo: is it all a farce?

Update of: 18 February 2023

According to many users on Twitter the crisis of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez it is only and exclusively a frame. The two would not be separating or even divorcing. This is confirmed by a video broadcast on the same platform of the blue bird which would show the loving couple having lunch at one of the most famous restaurants of the chef Antonio Cannavacciolo. In video lesson we can see Fedez and Chiara calmly with the well-known chef.

Fedez and Chiara close to divorce?

Update of the: 17 February 2023

According to the latest rumors, Chiara Ferragni e Fedez they didn't spend a romantic evening in Milan on Valentine's Day. They were spotted outside a mansion known to host one law firm specializing in separations e divorces for VIP, which ensures maximum privacy for customers. This is the information disclosed by the investigator Social Amedeo Venza.

The Ferragnez 2 postponed to a date to be defined

Update of the: 16 February 2023

Many thought that the crisis between Fedez and Ferragni was just a gimmick for the launch of the second season of The Ferragnez of Amazon Prime Video. Apparently, however, this is not the case, in fact the series has been postponed and given to be defined because the couple wanted to take a "break" from filming.

Flashmob for the Ferragnez cancelled

Update of the: 16 February 2023

The famous flashmob scheduled in Milan for Saturday 18 February has been cancelled. The organizer, a regular Twitter user, didn't expect to get such a strong appeal as to make the event unviable. Fans have expressed their dissent, but for public safety the event is not feasible.

Valentine's Day Fedez and Ferragni

Update of the: 16 February 2023

Of the photo taken by fans, however, seem to reassure everyone: the pair is still together and quietly went out in the evening of Valentine's day. Chiara and her husband appear calm near a shop. There are no effusions in public, but the fact that they simply went out together on February 14th already has its meaning. Other users on TwitterInstead, they say they may still have argued despite the outing.

Flashmob for the Ferragnez

Update of the: 15 February 2023

Fans want the Ferragni and Federico couple to stay together, they don't accept any rumors that speak of theirs break after the kiss with Rosa Chemical. To make the two stay one pair have well thought of organizing a flashmob which will be held on February 18 in Milan.

Fedez returns to social media

Update of the: 13 February 2023

After two days of silence, Fedez is back on social networks, dedicating a message full of love not only to his friends, but also to Chiara Ferragni, his wife. Peace made between the digital entrepreneur and the rapper?

In Instagram stories, Fedez also did a dedication to his wife Chiara Ferragni, taking up a post she had written on February 7, 2023 on Twitter when the Italian Song Festival had begun:

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