Chiara Ferragni and the shocking statement on the gray tracksuit

Chiara Ferragni at Che Tempo che fa

Chiara Ferragni has been a guest since What's the weather like, hosted by Fazio, where he turned the spotlight on an unexpected choice of style that raised the awareness of the web. Among the many statements, including the confirmation of the crisis with Fedez, spoke aboutthe famous gray tracksuit worn during the apology message released on Instagram.

Lin gray overalls? I had been wearing it for three days

Chiara Ferragni he confessed the unthinkable: his gray suit, the undisputed protagonist of Instagram stories, was not a temporary style option, but an item worn by three whole days. From Saturday to Monday, the same garment embraced Chiara, a choice that broke the taboo of incessant change in the world of fashion, causing mixed reactions among her follower. Many, in fact, declared on X that they did not believe Ferragni's words, accusing her of lack of sincerity.

The trick? “I had makeup done well for me"

Despite the criticisms and perplexed looks, Chiara he maintained a clear and defined position regarding his look. The focus on trick reveals a further facet of this story: the influencer claimed to have taken care of his facial appearance carefully, despite the repetitiveness of his clothing. But even this argument did not convince the followers who said that Ferragni wanted to appear purposely "not well-groomed".

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