Divorce Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the realities on maintenance

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez
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It is now well known, according to an indiscretion launched by Dillinger News, Chiara Ferragni would have asked for a divorce from Fedez. The news, which we remember having been disclosed from Fabrizio Corona's portal, claims that the entrepreneur is determined to obtain a very considerable maintenance allowance. But what is true? Let's take stock.

The request for maintenance of 40 thousand euros per month

According to the rumors spread by Fabrizio Corona, Chiara Ferragni would demand a maintenance allowance of 40 thousand euros per month from Fedez. A figure that caused a stir on social media, as to many it seems excessive even for a celebrity couple.

Yet in VIP weddings we have seen even higher figures, but it must be said that these were often weddings in the United States where the regulations are different.

The official denial from Chiara Ferragni's lawyer

In response to rumors and leaks, Chiara Ferragni's lawyer, Daniela Missaglia, released an official statement for deny what was reported by Dillinger News. During an episode of Pomeriggio 5, Myrta Merlino read the lawyer's denial live, who defined the information circulating as false.

Lawyer Missaglia then clarified that there is no request for divorce nor even a claim of 40 thousand euros per month in maintenance. He also warned anyone from further spreading this unfounded news, underlining the damage that such false information can cause to Ms. Ferragni's reputation and her family.

The lawyer Daniela Missaglia denies the false information that is circulating and warns to stop any activity of dissemination and diffusion of unfounded news regarding the personal affair of Mrs. Chiara Ferragni

Fedez's visits to his children and the closure with the dog Paloma

The situation of their children, Leone and Vittoria it is obviously particularly delicate. Rumors on social networks suggest that, in addition to the maintenance request, there would be tensions regarding custody and visits. Furthermore, the issue of the family dog, Paloma, who according to many has always been more dependent on Fedez, but who is now, according to rumors, prevented from visiting him, also seems very complex.

It seems, in fact, that Chiara Ferragni prevented Fedez from seeing Paloma, even when the children themselves request it. An alleged low blow which can be interpreted as a simple attempt to limit contact between Fedez and her children in a fragile phase like the current one.

Obviously for children it is always very traumatic to see their parents separating, especially if they are so young.

In a recent interview Fedez actually talked about Paloma, pointing out that she hasn't had any interaction with the dog for many months now, even going so far as to say "I also had a dog“, confirming that he hasn't seen the dog for many months.

Who is Fedez's new flame?

Garance Authié or Violeta Toloba? Which of the two models won Fedez's heart? The rapper was photographed with several models in intimate attitudes, fueling gossip about his love life. Among the rumors, there is also that of a mysterious suitor of Men and Women.

To date, however, there is no evidence of his relationships with other women, the rapper is probably dating other people but it seems that as of today no real relationship was born. After all, the breakup with his wife Ferragni is relatively recent.

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