Fedez sued for defamation, why and what he risks

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Not just sentimental troubles for Fedez who, in the last few hours, has decided to remedy (perhaps) a problem created a few weeks ago with the publication of a video on social media for which he received a very heavy fine complaint for defamation. For what reason? And what will happen now? Let's find out together!

Fedez sued for defamation by Sallusti

Fedez was reported to the Rome Prosecutor's Office on 29 March 2024 with a very serious accusation that risks having very serious consequences. The man was, in fact, reported for defamation by the journalist and director of "Libero", Alessandro Sallusti.

We remind you that the crime of defamation is foreseen by our law Criminal Code in article 595 which punishes those who, by communicating with third parties, offend the reputation of others. The accusation is serious: Fedez allegedly defamed Sallusti in a video published on social media on March 23, 2024 in which the singer commented on an article by Sallusti which he accused him of having staged the marital crisis just for business. In addition to calling the article "false", Fedez also labeled Sallusti as “lying journalist”. The video in question was promptly removed from the internet.

How the singer reacted and what he risks

Fedez reacted to Sallusti's accusations initially denying defamation and announcing that his innocence would be proven in court. The fact is that, a few days after the fact, today 5 April Fedez apologized to Sallusti for the words he used in his regards. There is currently no possibility that the complaint will be withdrawn in any case.

Fedez risks a fine ranging from 516 to 3.098 euros and a sentence that could go from one to six years of detention. Consequences, therefore, very serious and which could have a very serious impact on the singer's life. We'll see as the days go by how things will evolve.

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