Julia Elle to the police. What happened? A story of theft

julia elle

On a day that turned out to be anything but ordinary, the well-known influencer Julia Ellie he had such an experience a bit stressful how unusual. An event that required the intervention of police and which kept both her and her followers in suspense. She told everything about her in her stories on social media, now active since her return.

Julia Elle and the missing phone

The problem emerged when Julia Elle noticed theassenza of his phone. At first, the situation might have seemed like a simple confusion, but there is something underlying that Julia seems not to have wanted to reveal. Let's remember that your phone is not just an electronic device, but a window on the world of his follower and an essential means for his daily communication.

Faced with this situation, Julia decided to turn to police. His afternoon was thus characterized by meetings and discussions with the police, in an attempt to shed light on what happened.

The police acted with professionalism and dedication, initiating the procedures necessary for research and the phone recovery. According to Julia it was recovered in a “daring” way so we don't know if anyone just has it returned or other. Julia preferred not to give details, but apologized for not answering the question box.

Greetings from Riccardo, her husband

Furthermore, many suspected that Riccardo was no longer so present in his life since he did not appear in Julia's stories and posts. During the story of the lost phone, however, Julia asked Riccardo to Howdy. The husband was not seen but his voice could clearly be heard greeting the followers.

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