The Trudi doll and Chiara Ferragni, a new case

chiara ferragni

The famous influencer and entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni is faced with a series of legal and commercial complications. It all started with one antitrust fine for an alleged unfair commercial practice, linked to the launch of a Pandoro labeled #PinkChristmas.

The situation worsened with the opening of ainvestigation for aggravated fraud, which also involves Alessandra Balocco, president of the company producing the Christmas cake. At the same time, also the Easter eggs produced by Dolci Preziosi ended up under the eye of the storm, raising further questions about the management of Ferragni's advertising campaigns.

The case of the Trudi Doll

A further point of controversy concerns the Trudi doll, a product that had generated interest upon its launch. This doll, 34 centimeters tall, was presented as alimited edition of the Chiara Ferragni Mascot, sold through the website The Blonde Salad.

Ferragni had announced that all profits would have been donated to Stomp out bullying, a non-profit organization committed to fighting cyberbullying. However, things took an unexpected turn when journalists from White Zone they contacted Ross Ellis, CEO and founder of Stomp out bullying.

Ellis surprised everyone by declaring not knowing Chiara Ferragni and never received donations on his part, creating doubts about the veracity of the charity announcement made by the influencer.

Faced with these complex events, Chiara Ferragni and his team reacted promptly. A official announcement it was released to clarify the businesswoman's position regarding the investigations and controversies.

In communique, Ferragni states that he wants to respond exclusively to competent authorities, reiterating its trust in the judicial system and its willingness to collaborate to clarify every aspect of the issues raised. This statement comes at a time when his public image is under critical observation, with the aim of maintaining transparency and seriousness towards the public and institutions.

The other brands that have withdrawn from the collaboration with Ferragni

The repercussions of these events also extend to the world of commercial collaborations. Some important brands they began to reconsider their partnerships with Ferragni. For example, Coca-Cola announced that the influencer will no longer be its testimonial in 2024.

Furthermore, Monnalisa, a well-known children's clothing brand, is considering the possibility of interrupting the collaboration following the Balocco affair. These developments highlight how litigation and image issues can have a significant impact on corporate marketing and advertising choices.

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