Why does Amadeus leave Rai? And where will he go?

Amadeus during the Sanremo press conference

It's definitive now: Amadeus he himself declared the end of his collaboration with the Rai, marking a very important turning point in his career as a viewer. After driving the Festival of Sanremo for five years, with great success, the presenter tries his hand at new ones professional challenges. But what exactly happened? Why did you make this tough decision?

What are the reasons that pushed Amadeus to leave Rai?

There has been a lot of discussion recently about political pressures which would have influenced the decision of Amadeus to terminate his relationship with the Rai. Among these, there was the request to include artists close to certain political parties in the cast of Festival of Sanremo.

La Rai denied these claims, labeling them as false notices. In addition, we talk about personal requests made by Amadeus during negotiations, such as a television program for his wife and the possibility of producing content through his own company.

Despite the controversies, Fiorello expressed his support for Amadeus, claiming that his choice was motivated solely by personal and professional desires, without any external influence or financial issues.

Where will Amadeus go?

The television future of Amadeus it should move to channel Nine, exactly where Fazio, part of the group, chose to go Warner Bros Discovery. It is believed that he will be given a daily schedule during theprime time access and possibly a new one musical format.

What programs does Amadeus leave behind? And who will take over?

Among transmissions of note that Amadeus will abandon the most famous is undoubtedly the Festival of Sanremo, which he hosted for five consecutive editions, achieving success with the public and critics. In addition to this important annual event, Amadeus he also leaves the management of Your business, the popular evening game show that has entertained millions of viewers with its engaging and entertaining formula.

He could return to his place for the Festival Carlo Conti, a figure already well known and appreciated by the public for his previous hosting of the event. For Your business, Rai could entrust the management to Stephen DeMartino, another well-known face on Italian television who could bring freshness and new impetus to the program.

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