When does Big Brother 2024 end?

Big Brother 2023 extended

The 2024 edition of the Big Brother is arousing a lot of curiosity, especially thanks to the characters who have populated the world of Temptation island. But now curiosity is sparked by an important aspect: when will this edition end?

Why was Big Brother 2024 prolonged?

LThe current edition continues, going beyond the usual timescales. The decision of Mediaset to extend the programming until April is not accidental but responds to a very specific strategy. With a share which oscillates between 18% and 19%, the reality show maintains a solidity in listening which, although not dominating the evening television scene, ensures a Channel 5 respectful performance.

The numbers, a reflection of the public's constant interest, play a key role in keeping advertising investments alive, the economic fulcrum of the programme.

The quality of the contents may vary, but the numbers speak clearly, directing editorial choices towards extending the duration.

An edition that, by will of Piersilvio Berlusconi and his team, transforms in the longest-lived, challenging traditional norms and overlapping with the start of another great event of Channel 5,Island of the Famous.

When does Big Brother 2024 end?

The answer to the question that keeps the public in suspense is finally clear: April 2024 it will be the month that will see the protagonists' adventure inside the most spied on house in Italy come to an end!

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