Tension at the Big Brother final, huge brawl breaks out (Video)

Brawl after the Big Brother final

We witnessed, yesterday evening, Monday 25 March 2024, at the Big Brother final. A record-breaking edition, the longest ever, which will also be remembered for fight that broke out, immediately after the end of the episode, late at night, outside the studies. An atmosphere of great tension that had its origins already during the evening and which culminated in a way we would never have imagined. Some fans, present, have shot a video, which went viral in a few hours. But what happened? Let's find out!

Big Brother, brawl after the final between Varrese and Greta Rossetti's brother

An strong brawl, which attracted the attention of all fans of Big Brother, the one that was born tonight, immediately after the final. Having left their studies, it seems, between Massimiliano Varrese and Josh Carter Rossetti (Greta's brother) the ruckus broke out. An uncontainable fury that of the current one partner of Monia La Ferrera (Varrese's ex-girlfriend) who would have been born because of some "unwelcome" words reserved by Massimiliano for the woman.

Words that were not appreciated by Rossetti who, outside of his studies, transformed himself and became irrepressible. The videos circulating on social media demonstrate this: Rossetti, furious, kicked and punched a wall and headed off threateningly towards a dark car in which Varrese was, with the clear intent of getting into a fight. In many tried to stop him, including some former contestants such as Marco Maddaloni and Greta herself. Fortunately the video also shows that fortunately, despite the various kicks thrown at the car, there was no contact between Varrese and Rossetti. Here is the video of what happened and which is making the rounds on the web.

Varrese's words to Monia La Ferrera

We told you that all this was born because of some words that Varrese reserved for his ex-partner once learned the news of her relationship with Josh Carter Rossetti. Nothing particularly serious but, according to some testimonies, simple "Good good!" said, however, in a tone of derision and taken quite well by Rossetti who would have, at this point, lost his temper and given life to what he had seen.

A final, that of Big Brother 2024, which will be remembered not only for theunexpected victory for Perla Vatiero (over which the case about the rigged vote broke out) but also for this reason “yellow” outside of studies.

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