Who came out on Big Brother yesterday? The eliminated on September 25th

Big Brother 2023 extended

In an evening full of expectations and twists, the Big Brother 2023 posted his first elimination. Under the direction of the charismatic Alfonso Signorini, the fate of the contestants vying to stay in the Cinecittà house has been defined.

For those who did not have the opportunity to follow the episode, here is a detailed account of the events.

Who was saved by televoting?

The evening began with Alfonso Signorini which revealed the first results of the televoting. It was the first to gain public favor Giselda, the influencer with a predilection for mountain environments. Following the accelerated pulses of the other competitors, it was then the turn of Arnold, who welcomed the news with irrepressible enthusiasm.

  • Save yourself: Giselda, Arnold

Who was nominated on September 25th

Tension skyrocketed when the time came to open the envelope with the final verdict. But before, Alfonso Signorini decided to grant the floor to Claudio e Greece Colmenares, the only two competitors still in the balance. While Claudio cited his delay in integrating as a possible cause of his poor performance, Grecia placed everything on his authenticity, presenting it as a sort of two-sided coin.

Who was eliminated on Big Brother on September 25th? Claudio Rome

Il highlight it arrived when the envelope was finally opened. The name that appeared there was that of Claudio Rome, who officially became the first eliminated from the 2023 season of Big Brother.

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