Big Brother, how is Giuseppe Garibaldi after yesterday's illness

Giuseppe to Big Brother

Yesterday February 2, 2024, on Big Brother there were very strong moments fear and worry. In fact, late in the evening, the calm of the Cinecittà house was broken by a real drama. Giuseppe Garibaldi he complained of illness throwing the other housemates and viewers who followed the live broadcast on Mediaset Extra into panic. It was necessary for the arrival of an ambulance. But how is he now? Let's find out from the words that brother Nicola wrote on social media.

Giuseppe Garibaldi feels bad on Big Brother

Giuseppe Garibaldi he felt bad yesterday evening, generating panic among his adventure companions and among the viewers of the Big Brother who had the opportunity to see some videos immediately preceding the event and others in which the sound of the ambulance could be heard which, apparently, was called by the production and which then brought the young Calabrian janitor in the hospital.

First di feeling sick, apparently in the bathroom, it does not appear that Garibaldi was in poor health. Indeed, his participation in the reality show has always been characterized by his great joy which today has made him one of the protagonists of this edition of the reality show. It is not clear what caused the illness. In the first moments there was talk of an electric shock, later there was talk of a fainting following which the boy hit his head. Inevitable, therefore, the hospitalization to verify the absence of any trauma. Nothing, however, has yet been said by the GF on the causes.

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On the official website, however, this message appeared in the "News" section, warning that Garibaldi is temporarily left the house following an illness defined as "light" and that he will return home as soon as possible.

How is he now Giuseppe Garibaldi

The fans of Big Brother they were right from the start worried for the young Garibaldi. But how is he now? He thought about clarifying the situation (at least in part!) and reassuring everyone Giuseppe's brother, Nicola, who published a story on Instagram with a reassuring message. These are his words:

Good morning everyone. My family and I thank you for the many messages of affection! Giuseppe is well and is under observation! Many thanks to all

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In short, he seems like a nice guy Giuseppe Garibaldi is in the process of recovering and that he will soon be able to return to the house with his companions. We will certainly know more about the probable causes in the next few days and, in particular, in the next episode, scheduled for Monday 5 February 2024!

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