Big Brother, Mirko leaves Greta live on TV (Video)

Mirko leaves Greta to Big Brother

In world of reality shows, love stories often become public spectacle. It is the case of Mirko Brunetti and Greta Rossetti, who became known on the television scene through Big Brother and “Temptation Island.” Their relationship, followed by many, took an unexpected turn: Mirko decided to end their relationship live, leaving the public and Greta herself surprised and curious about the dynamics of this breakup.

The moment of the breakup on live TV between Greta and Mirko

La live broadcast of Big Brother it turned into an unexpected stage for the end of a relationship. Mirko Brunetti, connected remotely due to Covid, chose this moment to communicate their separation to Greta. His words were clear:

Compared to what we gave ourselves at Temptation, I believed in it and had very high expectations... But being outside I realized that the magic we felt was broken


An announcement that it left Greta visibly shaken and disappointed, a reaction that highlighted how unprepared she was for such an epilogue. The scene captured the attention of the public who even he applauded Mirko.

Mirko's motivations

Mirko, in his speech, highlighted several reasons for the end of the relationship with Greta.

He talked about unrealized expectations and a magic gone, suggesting that the feelings and experiences experienced during the program they have not found a match in real life. He also mentioned external influences and differences in values ​​and lifestyles, crucial points that contributed to creating distance between them.

Greta's reaction

The answer of Greta Rossetti at Mirko's announcement it was surprise and disappointment. Between Tears, expressed his disappointment, revealing of feel deceived.

Greta pointed out how she had perceived some worrying signs in Mirko's behavior, but he hoped for a different outcome. His reaction touched on an important point: the difficulty of interpreting and accept the end of a relationship, mostly when it takes place before the eyes of a national audience.

The point of view of Pearl Vatiero

Pearl Vatiero, another character linked to the world of Big Brother and Temptation Island, as well as Mirko's ex-girlfriend, shared her opinion on the situation.

He expressed solidarity with Greta, recognizing it as one sweet person, but also stated that Mirko took the right decision. According to Pearl, the differences between Mirko and Greta were too evident and significant.

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