Big Brother, when will Giuseppe Garibaldi return to the house?

Giuseppe to Big Brother

On the evening of Friday 2 February 2024, an event as dramatic as it was unexpected shook the inhabitants and fans of the house of Big Brother. In fact, just before dinner, a scream from Anita interrupted the tenants' quiet tram. The girl asked to call production immediately because Giuseppe Garibaldi he had just had an illness. Now that several days have passed since that moment, how is the young Calabrian janitor? Will he return to the house? And when? Here's what we know!

Giuseppe Garibaldi taken ill at Big Brother

Un unexpected and absolutely unforeseen illness struck Giuseppe Garibaldi on Friday evening at Big Brother. An event that aroused a lot of worry and which from the first moments aroused a lot of anxiety and concern both in the tenants and in the fans of the program and of the friendly Calabrian janitor.

As the hours passed, Big Brother also published a statement on the official website in which it alerted viewers of the competitor's sudden exit linked to an illness defined as "slight". TO calm even more so the fans were taken care of by the boy's brother, Nicola, who posted on Instagram a post in which he clarified, once and for all, how is Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Post for Giuseppe Garibaldi of Big Brother
Image source: Instagram

When he returns Giuseppe Garibaldi in the House

Knowing that the young man's conditions are currently stable there are many, even at home, wondering when Giuseppe Garibaldi will be able to return to Big Brother. Remembering that The reasons for the discomfort still remain unknown (we will perhaps know something about it during tonight's episode), it is likely that right during the appointment of February 5 2024, Garibaldi can return home.

We know that he immediately started eating again, that he is able to communicate and that he gets up completely independently from bed. The worst seems to be over! The unknown remains as to the causes and any checks still to be carried out which could, indeed, delay the moment of return. To date, therefore, there is one good chance that tonight we will see the young janitor again in the Cinecittà house, but it's worth reiterating total absence of official confirmation in this sense! What do you think about it? We'll see!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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