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Insigne, the cousin ends up in handcuffs for aggravated robbery

Il cousin of Lorenzo Insigne was arrested by the agents of the police station of Aversa for aggravated robbery. Raffaele Cristiano, 26, a resident of Orta di Atella, was responsible for a criminal act against two young people, outside a bank.

This happened in the municipality of Frattamaggiore, the birthplace of the blue 24 number, the 19 March of 2011: together with two others accomplices, the boy stalked to the victims, telling them to give him money and cell phones.

The police were able to trace the Christian through the examination of the movies recorded by the CCTV camera of video surveillance, in which the number plate of the car on board of which the criminals were moving away from the place of the crime was clearly visible.

Famous cousin imprisonment

The young man, for whom a precautionary order was ordered, has collaborated with justice for the identification of the other two accomplices, confessing first of all to be among the direct perpetrators of the crime.

The extenuating factor was not enough to prevent him from jailing: the cousin of the Neapolitan attacker will have to discount 3 years of reclusione at the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison.

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