Friday, 17 September 2021
Fabiana Bianchi

Green Pass, 72 hours duration for molecular swabs

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In the new government decree, relating to Super Green Pass, a change has also been added to the duration of the Green Pass for those who have carried out a molecular swab which is negative.

Before the amendment, the Green Pass obtained after the result of the swab was valid for 48 euros, while with the new decree this duration increases to 72 hours.

Therefore, the times of the Green Pass for those who are not vaccinated, but resort to a molecular time, are lengthened, also because the molecular test, compared to the rapid one, it takes longer as there is also a passage to the laboratory.

The duration of the Green Pass for those who make a rapid antigenic swabinstead, it always remains of 48 hours.

This decision was approved through a amendment to the decree of the Government in the Constitutional Affairs Commission in the Chamber.

We remind you that the new decree also established that all workers in the public and private sectors must have the Green Pass, under penalty of payment of fines, even hefty ones, and the suspension of their salary.

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