Home at Prima Vista, how do you participate? How does the program work?

Thursday, 25/05/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
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"Navigating" the real estate market can be complex, and it is precisely this challenge that makes "Home at First Sight", the famous program of Real Time, so captivating.
The heart of the show it is a competition between real estate agents who seek to exceed their clients' expectations to find their dream home.
The original idea comes from France, from the "Chasseur D'Appart" format, but here it is set between the fascinating cities of Milan and Rome.

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Who are the Real Estate Agents of "Casa a Prima Vista"?

Both in Lombardia in that capital, three real estate agents bring the competition to life. Their friendly yet intense challenge is the narrative engine of the programme.

In Lombardy, the protagonists are:

  • Mariana D'Amico: very active on social media, where she loves to share her work and her passion for real estate brokerage.
  • Ida DiFilippo: a skilled saleswoman with a touch of irony, her strategy is focused on developing a human relationship with customers.
  • Gianluca torre: the PR expert of the group, distinguished by his extroversion and the skills acquired in the advertising sector.

In Rome, however, we find:

  • Nadia Mayer: former model, she has been able to reinvent herself becoming one of the best in the world of real estate brokerage.
  • Blasco Pulieri: a talented salesperson, appreciated for his great empathy and ability to build trust with customers.
  • Conrad Sassu: determined and passionate, he fell in love with this profession at a very young age and is always ready to give his best for his clients.

The "Home at First Sight" challenge

Each episode of "Home at First Sight" is a combination of individual storytelling and challenges.
The client describes his dream home and then the agents examine the options, launching into the search. After visiting various properties, the customer chooses the offer he considers the best among the three proposals.

How to participate in the "Home at Prima Vista" show

If you are wondering how to join "Casa a Prima Vista", there is nothing complicated.
Visit the official website of the production house, Blu Yazmine, and you will find a section dedicated to castings.

Fill out the form with your information, upload a personal photo or video, and describe the house you are looking for and how much time you have already spent searching.

That done, your journey to "Home at First Sight" may be closer than you think!

Image source: Realtime website
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