Le Iene, Arisa's monologue excites: I managed to shine

Wednesday, 23/11/2022
Andrew Navarro
Close-up photo of blonde Arisa

Reservoir Dogs offers space to the famous artist Arisa, the singer who conveys her love through her voice. The TV show gave the singer a chance to make one of the famous monologues and Arisa has decided to dedicate it to herself, to her light, to good, the key to happiness. A more than positive message to try to cheer spirits, even those that are too embittered.

his monologue, Close-up photo of blonde Arisa, has been around the country and many are trying to know the words spread by Arisa. We leave you both the video, present on the official Instagram page of Le Iene, and also his words in black and white.

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Since I was a child I have been attracted to those who try to make others feel good. I dreamed of being as luminous as Pope John Paul II and singing songs like Michael Jackson's "Heal the world" which inspires each of us to make the world a better place for all of the human race. When they told me I couldn't make it, I didn't answer anything, I locked myself in my room to think harder, to concoct my light, and in the end I was able to shine for real. And when I sing it's always for peace and to spread love: I like people to feel accepted with my music

Being good is not a religious precept or something for losers, but a conscious choice. And awareness is the sexiest thing there is. When someone hurts me – the singer says excitedly – ​​even if a tear remains inside me, I refuse to believe that it was done on purpose, by vocation. That's why I push away, but I never hate, I always wonder why, even taking half the blame. All of us, for better or for worse, are the consequence of something or someone, it is understanding that makes the difference. Not me, I'm certainly not a saint, but I know the substance of my heart, and I'm sure I've managed to become what I wanted to be as a child: a good person. Always trying to do good by being proud of yourself could be the key to happiness. There isn't a gene that causes depression except the awareness of not doing everything in our power to live the best life we ​​can aspire to. It's a long job, but it's done. If I did it, you can do it too.

Be good and happy.

Comments on Arisa's monologue at Le Iene

Many have heard touched from the words of the singer and they decided to support it with comments left, especially but not only, under the video of his monologue.

They call it one of their own artist, even people, favorite. Many take his words as a role model to follow. They claim that one can choose to be good or bad and that many have chosen goodness because, moreover, it is the key to their own happiness.

Very right Arisa πŸ‘ it's a matter of choosing how you want to be, good or bad. I chose to be a good person like you, it's the key to happiness to live life with love instead of hate. ❀️

Well done Arisa, staying good in a world of bad guys is the best choice you can make.

Beautiful monologue that once again makes us understand what a beautiful person you are ... how much love you have to give ... and it could only be like this ... I think those who have known you in life will never forget you ... you are Unique ❀️πŸ”₯πŸ˜™

Still others, though, have it accused to have defined the trough so superficial, as if a smile were enough to solve it and many users attack Arisa not be truebut false. The positive comments, however, are undoubtedly the majority.

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