The Love Murtadell, the first street food based on mortadella, arrives in Naples

I love Murtadell in Naples

Top quality mortadella and tasty culinary combinations await the sweet tooth from "I Love Murtadell" in Naples!

For lovers of good food and street food not to be missed a Napoli è "I Love Murtadell", the new take away partenopeo site in the heart of the city.

The special fast food offers Neapolitan gluttons a delicious menu of goodness made with only pure pork mortadella, revisited in many recipes and gastronomic couplings that will make the traditional food innovative and affordable for the new generations.

"I Love Murtadell" comes from the idea of ​​a young Neapolitan entrepreneur who decided to get involved again in a different key, mortadella, salumi has always been loved by adults and children.

In fact, in the small local Via Mezzocannone it is possible to taste many preparations and combinations as, to name a few, "Murtadell e friariell", the legendary "Devil's chopping board", the tasty “signature taralli” served with mortadella with pizzaiola, radicchio cooked with oil, salt, slices and mortadella slice, the brand new sandwich "Mortonnè", that is the specialty based on mortadella, tuna sauce and radicchio trevisano piastrato and many other specialties to be discovered.

An idea that has proved successful thanks to high quality products, respecting tradition and innovation and always with a touch of originality.

Informazioni su I Love Murtadell

Address: via Mezzocannone, 15
Phone: 081 5514132
Information: Facebook page | Official site

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Written by Bruna Di Matteo
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