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In 2021, still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, viewers were already wondering when the television adaptations of the last two novels by Andrea Camilleri, the famous Sicilian mystery writer who died in 2019, published posthumously but who immediately entered the hearts of fans of the Inspector Montalbano.

Unfortunately, to date, there is still no certain news and the Rai, with a program already full of upcoming TV series, seems not to have the intention (at least not in the immediate future) to make new episodes of Inspector Montalbano taken from “The cook of the Alcyon” e "Riccardino".

Inspector Montalbano: what is the last episode that was made?

THElast episode of Inspector Montalbano, which was built starting from antepenultimate novel written by Andrea Camilleri before his death, it is “The Catalanotti method”.

In the episode, which aired March 8, 2021, Except Montalbano finds himself investigating the violent death of Carmelo Catalanotti, a famous theater director, well-known usurer and creator of the method acting that bears his name. The man appears to have been stabbed to death, but there are many oddities that the police notice, starting with the composure of the body and the little blood shed from the wound.

Will “The cook of the Alcyon” and “Riccardino” turn around?

Going back to talking about “The cook of the Alcyon” e "Riccardino", from what we know Luca Zingaretti, after the death of three main figures who had given life to the successful TV series (including that of Andrea Camilleri), had already expressed the will to do not continue with Inspector Montalbano and that “The Catanalotti method” it would have been the last of the series and in which viewers would have had to say goodbye to the famous commissioner.

Il 27 June 2021, However, Palomar confirmed that the two bets will turn around to close the circle, but that we still don't have a precise date. At the beginning we talked about 2022, but then there has been no more news about it, so we'll just have to see what happens and if Luca Zingaretti, despite his decision not to continue, he wishes to exceptionally resume the role of Inspector Montalbano to conclude the literary and television saga that has fascinated thousands of people around the world.

Plots of new episodes Inspector Montalbano

He plots of television episodes should follow those of the gods novels by Andrea Camilleriin “The cook of the Alcyon” we will see the Inspector Montalbano grappling with the suicide of a newly fired worker and the murder of an unscrupulous businessman, who was killed with a gunshot to the back of the head.

Then there will be the Alcyon, a mysterious schooner, with very few crew, no passengers and a stern area large enough to land a helicopter. In short, many big fish to fry for the Inspector Montalbano, who will also have to defend his police station and defend himself from those who try to take him out.

In "Riccardino"instead, the Inspector Montalbano will have to unravel one last, and difficult, case. There has been a murder. The victim is the young manager of the Vigatese branch of Banca Regionale. Witnesses of the execution are three close friends of the dead man. The four shared everything, even the unshareable of family life. They were one for all, all for one: like four musketeers. The case seems obvious reading. But against all evidence, and against everyone, he has come to the conclusion that nothing is, in that murder, what it appears to be.

The (young) Inspector Montalbano is back on TV: that's when

Waiting to know if these two episodes will be filmed or not, viewers will be able to console themselves with the airing of the The young Inspector Montalbano, taken from the stories of Andrea Camilleri, that Monday 3 July 2023 will come back up Rai Uno. THE reruns of episodes, as well as all those of the episodes who see the Inspector Montalbano in an “adult” version played by Luca Zingaretti, will be able to be seen immediately after the broadcast on the free platform RaiPlay.

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