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Commissioner Ricciardi, a few months after the second season of the thriller based on the books of Maurizio De Giovanni, may be back very soon. According to rumors that are circulating, Commissioner Ricciardi 3 it will be done and, therefore, that means that we will also see the charming again Lino guanciale put on the role of the gloomy commissioner again.

Commissioner Ricciardi 3, when does it start

There is still no certain news regarding the start date of Il Commissario Ricciardi 3, but the set will reopen towards the end of 2023. This means that, if the third season should follow the time frame of the first two, it is likely that it will be broadcast at the beginning of March of the 2025.

Commissioner Ricciardi 3, previews

The script hasn't been written yet, so we don't know the les yet first previews of Il commissario Ricciardi 3. However, given that the series was taken from the novels by Maurizio De Giovanni, it is highly probable that the books that have not yet been used by the famous Neapolitan writer will be used.

Commissioner Ricciardi 3, the cast

In cast of Commissioner Ricciardi 3, barring last minute changes, we will almost certainly find:

  • Lino guanciale in the role of Ricciardo;
  • Antonio Milo  in the role of Mayonnaise;
  • Enrico Ianniello  in the role of Dr. Way;
  • Serena Iansiti  in the role of Livia;
  • Maria Vera Ratti  in the role of Enrica;
  • Mario Pirrello in the role of Héctor Garzò;
  • Fabrizia Sacchi  in the role of Lucia Maione;
  • Nunzia Schiano  in the role of Pink;
  • Adriano Falivene  in the role of Little girl;
  • Marco Palvetti  in the role of Falcon;
  • Florence D'Antonio  in the role of Bianca;
  • Veronica D'Elia  in the role of And long.

Where to see Inspector Ricciardi 3 on TV and in streaming

Commissioner Ricciardi 3, like the previous two seasons, will be broadcast free-to-air on Rai Uno. THE reruns of episodes instead they will be available on the free platform RaiPlay.

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