The Grand Carnival of Maiori: masked parades, allegorical floats and fireworks

carnival mask

The traditional appointment with the Grand Carnival of Maiori, this is the fifty edition that will take place over the next few days 11, 13 and 18 February 2024. An event eagerly awaited by the citizens of Maiori and the surrounding municipalities who come to the city to admire the parades large allegorical floats.

As per tradition, the floats that will parade through the Maori streets were created by master craftsmen last winter, and the motto of the event is "Nothing comes from diamonds... from iron and from cartapesta the colors of. are born Grand Carnival of Maiori".

The theme of the fiftieth edition

The Maiori Carnival reaches a truly important milestone, that is, it celebrates its fiftieth edition, precisely for this reason the 2024 edition will be full of events and appointments designed specifically for having fun together.

Like every year, the Maiori Carnival will be inspired by a very specific theme, this year the theme will be "Roots". The program is still under construction, so we invite you not to miss the next updates!

Contacts and information

Official website

  • Where: Maiori
  • When:
    • Sunday February 11 2024
    • Tuesday February 13 2024
    • Sunday February 18 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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Written by Serena De Luca
Image source: Envato Subscription
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