Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8, previews November 23: Tancredi is very serious

Tancredi and Matilde in The Ladies' Paradise 8
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Exciting twists await us in the episode The Ladies' Paradise 8 scheduled for today, Thursday 23 November 2023. The previews, in fact, speak clearly and reveal to us that Marcello will be saved from a disastrous situation while Matteo will understand that Umberto is plotting something very dangerous.

Matteo will be a great protagonist of this episode as, subsequently, he will go to Maria and tell her that he is helping Vito, saying, however, that he is on the verge of backing out (you will imagine why!). Tancredi, meanwhile, will be in hospital in serious condition: Vittorio will be in shock!

The Ladies' Paradise 8 previews: Marcello is safe!

In the new episode of The Ladies' Paradise 8, Matteo will have an intuition that will prove providential. In a delicate moment like this, when Marcello has just gained new trust from Vittorio with an important assignment in Paradise, Umberto will be plotting against him and Matteo will realize it.

Portelli's intervention will prove to be decisive since precisely while Umberto is about to act to ruin Marcello, he will be able to stop him. Barbieri, therefore, will be safe: everything will remain as it is and Umberto will have to resign himself. This time the deal will really get out of hand!

Previews Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8: Tancredi in danger

Matteo he will not only be able to save his brother from a real disaster but it will also help Vito. In fact, he himself helped him organize an evening in honor of Maria even though he was absolutely not pleased about it (given how he feels about the girl).

The young man then he will confess to Puglisi how much he is doing for his friend but he will also tell her that his intention will be to pull back from now on. Helping Vito win her back hurts him too much to bear!

Tancredi, finally, after being hit by a car, will pour again in very serious condition. In the hospital It will leave everyone in suspense. Above all, Vittorio will be shocked by what happened. How will Matilde take it? Do you think she will hold Vittorio responsible for what happened to her husband?

Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, when it is broadcast and where to see it

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, Monday to Friday. The appointment is at 15:55 on Rai Uno. Alternatively you can follow it streaming for free on RaiPlay (both live and on demand) or, with reruns of the entire week on Rai Premium, on Saturday afternoons at 16pm.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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