Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, previews and spoilers from 19 to 23 February

The Paradise of the Ladies
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Moments full of novelties and twists The Ladies' Paradise 8 which are expected for the week from 19 to 23 February 2024. He will be a great protagonist Maria Puglisi, determined more than ever to reveal to Vito her true feelings for Matteo. For the couple this will, of course, mark an inevitable breakup! For Silvana, in the meantime, the decisive moment ofintervention while a unexpected arrival will create a bit of havoc in Paradise. Are you curious to know more?

It's all over between Maria and Vito in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8

Despite having tried to resist as much as possible the feelings he has had towards Matteo for some time, Maria he won't make it. She will open her heart to Vito by confessing the whole truth about what she feels, causing an incredible disturbance in man and from this the future of both will change. Their story, one step away from marriage, will be definitively concluded with a lot of bitterness for Vito and a thousand feelings of guilt for Maria.

The two, now as ex-couples, they will receive a proposal: participate in an interview for a well-known magazine. How will they respond? And, above all, to talk about what? The previews reveal to us that precisely during this moment, an unexpected event will only make the situation worse between two. Too bad that Maria will suffer for Vito and will hope for a reconciliation!

Tullio furious with Elvira

Bad surprise for Elvira that he will realize, despite himself, that he has lost the pin that her mother-in-law had given her a short time ago. A real blow since Tullio will absolutely not take this well. Luckily the tension will tend to subside when Salvatore will find the brooch again and will end the "emergency".

A new arrival in Paradise

In a completely unexpected way, we will see in the next episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 arrive, in Milan, Rosa's mother. A difficult news to handle for the girl who will find herself with quite a bit of havoc even at home. On the other hand, Rosa hasn't been completely honest with the mother she will be unaware of her employment as a shop assistant. For this reason, with the complicity of Barbieri, they'll pretend is you work, instead, within the editorial staff of the magazine of the boutique. However, there will be no shortage of feelings of guilt that will rightly be felt. Isn't it time to tell the truth?

A new woman for Armando

Marcello, Rosa and Salvatore will decide to do their best to find one woman who makes Armando come back to smile. The first one to give feedback will be Alba who will say she is ready to meet the man. A moment that will come very soon and that will prove interesting! The two, in fact, will spend a few hours enjoying each other's company and they will appear relaxed and happy to the point that Armando will even manage to invite Alba for dinner. Too bad that something, it seems, will soon come to break the idyll. What will it be?

A burning confession for Irene

Clara he will find himself talking, in confidence, with Irene. One of the topics of conversation will be Alfredo. It will be at this point that the girl she will confess to her friend that her partner, at this moment, is engaged in a double work, with all the implications that this entails! At this point, Irene will do something important for Alfredo...

Umberto wants revenge in The Ladies' Paradise 8

Not only on the personal front, but also on the professional one, finally, things are for Marcello they will seem to take the right turn. Barbieri, in fact, will be able to close a very important deal with a rich shipowner who will bring him back to the crest of the wave. When Umberto will find out what happened to his number one enemy will be full of anger and resentment. He will decide to dedicate himself to revenge and that this will have to be the worst ever made.

Silvana finally undergoes surgery

In the United States everything will be ready for the operation that should guarantee Silvana's survival. In Heaven, thousands of kilometers away, there will be a lot of trepidation: everyone will pray that things go well.

Matilde jealous of Vittorio

The relationships between Marta (who among other things will make an important decision about her boyfriend Tom) and Vittorio at work they will ensure that a relationship is established between the two particular feeling what he did and will do turn up your nose at Matilde. The woman will be jealous of her man and she won't be able to help but be haunted by thoughts that will disturb her.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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