Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, previews and spoilers from 22 to 26 April

Flora and Umberto in The Ladies' Paradise 8
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The Ladies' Paradise 8 will bring us quite a few surprises in the week from 22 to 26 April 2024 although it will be a "short" program. In fact, on April 25th, on the occasion of the Liberation Anniversary holiday, it will not be broadcast. But what will happen?

Matteo finally comes out of prison in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8

The past ones were certainly not good days for Matteo in The Ladies' Paradise 8. How much desperation in his eyes when, suddenly, he found himself in prison without, among other things, having any guilt. In any case, fortunately, the charges against him will be dropped and, for this reason, the boy will finally be able to leave prison and go home. He will hug Maria again which will renew his idea of ​​leaving with him towards France. A decision which, however, Ciro will firmly oppose.

Tullio wants to marry Elvira, and her?

After the quarrel linked to Salvatore's "meddling" in Elvira's relationship with Tullio, we will finally witness the reconciliation between the girl and Salvatore. He will react in a completely unexpected way, however, when Tullio will give her an engagement ring.

Too bad that the young woman will have no intention of accepting and, indeed, he will leave Tullio, provoking a strong reaction from his father. Caution: Salvatore will finally find the courage which he has not had so far and he will open his heart to Elvira by confessing that he loves her. How will he react?

Umberto won, Marcello resigns

After what happened with the Hofer affair and after having fully fallen into Umberto's trap, however Marcello they won't be good moments. The boy will make a drastic decision: he will resign because he no longer considers himself capable of managing a huge estate like that of Adelaide.

Bad surprise for Tancredi in Il Paradiso delle Signore 8

Tancredi he wasn't very loyal towards Matilde and took advantage of Vittorio's moment of weakness with Marta to try to win his ex-wife back. Precisely, however, when he is ready to implement his last move, that's for him a very unpleasant surprise will arrive.

In fact, man will come to know that, in the meantime, Peace has returned between Matilde and Vittorio. She can't help but pretend to be happy about it. But has he really given up? Absolutely not! The desire for revenge will grow in her heart!

Unsettling proposals in Paradise

Fans of Il Paradiso delle Signore 8 be careful! In the new week we will witness well two completely unexpected proposals. After Tullio's to Elvira which will not have the desired response, Matteo will also make a proposal to Maria as well as Vittorio to Matilde. What will it be?

We anticipate that something will change dramatically in the lives of these protagonists and that Vittorio and Matilde, in particular, will find themselves looking for a home together.

Umberto's surprise move

Now that Marcello, just as expected, has left the role as Adelaide Shares Administrator of Paradise, Umberto will make his biggest move. He will propose himself to fill this very important position generating numerous suspicions in Flora.

The woman herself will speak to Marcello and instill in him an incredible doubt: was it Umberto who set a trap for him? The two will become accomplices and will look for evidence to frame Umberto for his responsibilities. Something, we anticipate, will come out!

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