The Ladies' Paradise 8, plots of the week from 19 to 23 February

The Ladies' Paradise 8 he'll be back with a week, that from 19 to 23 February 2024, full of twists destined to change the face of the series forever. Among all, Silvana she will finally undergo the surgery that could save her life while Maria will confess to Vito his feelings for Matteo. How will the young man take it? Let's find out with the plots day after day.

Paradise 8, plot of Monday 19 February 2024

Matilde, already jealous of the feeling that has developed between Vittorio and Marta, will make one discovery to the house of the man who will surprise her. Someone will try to find one new companion for Armando and, for this reason, he will write a letter to a girl who seems interested in her turn. Irene will discover that Clara's partner does double work for economic reasons while Alfredo will be looking for someone who can finance his project. Maria he can't stand it anymore and will make a decision: she will tell the whole truth about her and Matteo to Vito.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of Tuesday 20 February 2024

After a first failed attempt, he learned the truth from Maria it will upset Vito. Will there be a definitive break between the two? Alba would like to meet Armando but he, at least initially, does not seem inclined. Rosa will have to intervene and try to convince him. Concetta will decide to meet Vito (knows the situation between him and his daughter) while Matteo and Silvana will arrive in America. Marta will be very down. If Tom fails to help her, Vittorio will seem to have her magic wand. What will he do?

Paradise 8, plot of Wednesday 21 February 2024

Maria will be sad and will decide to confront Concetta for some suggestions on her situation with Vito. Armando will have given in: he will meet Alba and, not only that, he will be pleasantly surprised, to the point that he will even agree to meet her for dinner. Matilde will be increasingly jealous of Marta. But will she be right? We anticipate that the young Guarnieri will begin to nostalgically think back to her ex. Backfire in sight?

Paradise 8, plot of Thursday 22 February 2024

Marta will make a surprising decision on the photo shoot while, this time too, Matilde's jealousy will be the protagonist. Armando will discover something about young Alba and Marcello will be able to close a very important deal of work. All this despite Umberto's attempts to put a spoke in his wheels. Own Garnish will be furious when he finds out. Maria and Vito will find themselves close for a work matter.

Paradise 8, plot of Friday 23 February 2024

This is the day ofoperation that could save Silvana's life in America. In Paradise the tension will be palpable, everyone will hope that things will go for the best. Maria would like to make peace with Vito but he will be of another notice while Marta will be immersed in her thoughts. Irene will make a request to Crespi in order to help Alfredo... Too bad that someone very close to her might not take it too well.

The Ladies' Paradise 8 will experience a week full of pathos. If you are curious to discover the juiciest previews and spoilers, in our dedicated article you can find the most important topics which will be addressed between now and next February 23, 2024.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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