The Ladies' Paradise 8, plots of the week from 2 to 5 April

Protagonists The Ladies' Paradise 8

After the break linked to the Easter holidays, the Ladies' Paradise 8 is ready to return for a new (slightly shorter) week full of emotions and completely unexpected twists. Vittorio, first of all, it will start to feel confused by his feelings: Is it possible that he is still in love with Marta? And what about Matteo? The young man will do an incredible header: will leave Milan and he will leave for her. Where will he go? Let's find out together with the plots, day by day, from 2 to 5 April 2024.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of the episode of Tuesday 2 April 2024

Do you remember Marcello's departure for Germany? We will start again from here! Barbieri will return enthusiastically to be able to confirm to Matteo the goodness of the Hofer deal: we'll throw ourselves into it! Umberto, meanwhile, will receive a confession (perhaps not too unexpected!) by Tancredi and Clara will be very angry with Alfredo. Her head start in modifying the bike could really cost her too dearly! Finally, Maria decides to leave for Paris and Vito offers to go with her!

Paradise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 3 April 2024

Hard times for Alfredo: Irene will also be mad at him to death for what has been done! Adelaide at the center of Umberto's attention and this will do make Flora jealous like crazy: why does his companion try in every way to discredit Barbieri in front of the Countess? Is he still in love with her? Tancredi, in the meantime, will develop a plan to win back Matilde, unaware that something is happening behind her. Someone, in fact, will realize that There is still some feeling between Marta and Vittorio and, for this reason, he will try to bring them closer together. Plot twist between Maria and Vito: she won't want him to accompany her in Paris.

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of the episode of Thursday 4 April 2024

We will see a growing complicity between Marta and Vittorio: was the failure to annul their marriage an unmistakable sign of destiny? Things could get really bad for Clara's career and, in this regard, Irene will have an idea to try to recover what can be saved. Just before leaving, Maria will meet Matteo: the two, however, will be spied on by someone who will report everything to Umberto. How come? Guarnieri himself will then be the subject of one discussion between Adelaide and Marcello... that all the knots start to come home to roost?

Paradise, plot of the episode of Friday 5 April 2024

Matteo he just won't be able to get Maria out of his head! Indeed, her priority will be to conquer her and, to achieve this, he will think of leave for Paris. Alfredo will be forced to do something he really won't like while for Vittorio they will seem to loom times of incredible confusion regarding his feelings for Marta. Conti will seek advice from Roberto. The discussion between Adelaide and Marcello will be a trailblazer for a unexpected ceasefire… Poor Umberto! Something tells us that things aren't going to go well for him! We'll find out soon!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: instagram @ilparadisodellignore8
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