The Ladies' Paradise 8, plots of the week from 26 February to 1 March

A new week begins for The Ladies' Paradise 8 which promises, too between February 26 and March 1, 2024, Sparks. The “weight” of canceled marriage between Vito and Maria will make Puglisi feel at home where Ciro will be shocked and will not tolerate the tensions that will arise with his wife in this regard. Marta will then leave Tom and she will discover her real feelings for Vittorio which will have significant repercussions on her life. And what will happen when Matteo will discover that Maria is single again? Let's find out together, day by day.

Paradise, plot of Monday 26 February 2024

The week at Paradiso will open with one new job offer for Irene. Alfredo, in the meantime, will need Marcello to be able to carry out their projects while Delia will be sad since his family will not be present on his birthday. The usual Rosa could help her, but how? Matilde will learn that it's over between Marta and Tom: his jealousy, therefore, will grow out of all proportion. Vito will vent to Alfredo and the time will come for Ciro to learn the truth: Maria is no longer getting married!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of Tuesday 27 February 2024

unexpectedly, Matilde will give Vittorio an idea in order to help her with the family home project. Learning about the annulment of the marriage will be very upsetting Ciro who will discuss with Concetta and with Mary. Time for decisions, then, at the Ladies' Paradise 8: let it be Marcello and Irene, in fact, they will do one important choice. About Marcello: Umberto's conspiracies against him will not subside while Marta will finally be able to shed light on her feelings for Vittorio.

Paradise, plot of Wednesday 28 February 2024

Fundamental contact for Umberto who will receive a call from a well-known entrepreneur who, in a few days, will reach Milan and wants to meet him. Between Irene and Crespi the atmosphere will become quite heated and Ciro will be red with anger. He will not be able to accept what happened and will not tolerate that Concetta has taken the side of her daughter. For this reason she will argue heavily with us and Concetta will make a decision that will shock us!

The Ladies' Paradise 8, plot of Thursday 29 February 2024

Marta will be very excited since it will be the day of the auction. The happiness that she will see in the eyes of Matilde and Vittorio together, however, will not allow her to be fully satisfied! There surprise party for Delia will take hold and everything will be almost ready. Alfredo, poor guy, still won't know anything about what happened between Irene and Crespi while The tension between Ciro and Concetta will continue. Neither of them intends to take steps back and the situation will be dramatically serious. And something serious is about to happen to Ciro!

Paradise, plot of Friday 1 March 2024

Marta it will be strange: her feelings for Vittorio will torment her and for this reason she will be almost certain that she wants it leave Milan to go to Geneva. Only by staying away from Vittorio will he truly be able to forget him! Umberto will meet the entrepreneur who should help him against Marcello and Alfredo will discover something so serious that it could affect his relationship with Irene. Marcello will learn that Maria will not get married because of Matteo. The latter will also return from America (will he be with Silvana?) e he will find out everything. What will happen now between him and Maria?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
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