Kayak accident in Naples, 30-year-old girl dies

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Una tragedy hit the sea of ​​Posillipo, where last Sunday a 30-year-old girl, Cristina Frazzica, he lost his life following her kayak capsizing when a speedboat rammed her. The accident occurred in the Posillipo area, an area very popular with water sports enthusiasts.

The dynamics of the accident are still unclear

The kayak rented from Cristina Frazzica e Vincenzo Carmine Leone, a 33-year-old Neapolitan lawyer, was impacted and overturned due to a side collision with another vessel, presumably a motorboat. The motorboat, after the collision, he didn't stop to verify the consequences of the accident e provide assistance.

Unfortunately, Cristina died instantly, while Vincenzo, unharmed but in shock, told the investigators the dynamics of what happened. Most likely the motorboat was proceeding at high speed and “ran over” the Kayak, carrying to the serious injury of the girl and the overturning of the Kayak.

Who was Cristina Frassica

Cristina Frazzica, originally from Vigevano, was 30 years old and was a much loved and respected person. Born in Vigevano, she had lived in Pavia before moving to Naples a few months ago, a city she fell in love with. She had a degree in Biotechnology at the University of Milan and attended the PharmaTech Academy of Federico II in Scampia.

His passion for nature and trekking was evident from the numerous photos he shared on social media. Shortly before the accident, he had published a photo off the coast of Posillipo, with Villa Volpicelli well framed and the music of “Un posto al sole” as the soundtrack.

Public photo from Cristina Frassica's Facebook profile

The investigations are still ongoing

The search operations for the vessel involved in the accident are coordinated by the Prosecutor's Office of Naples, that opened an investigation for manslaughter and hit-and-run but nothing prevents the accusation from coming converted into voluntary homicide if the motorboat proceeded at high speed. According to initial information, the kayak would have been hit by a vessel which proceeded from the north towards the docks of Mergellina and Naples.

Investigators are concentrating their checks on the moorings south of Naples and are looking for testimonies from anyone who may have witnessed the accident. The Harbor Master's Office and the Financial Police are actively engaged in the investigation, trying to precisely reconstruct what happened and identify those responsible.

Safety at sea in Naples

The entire community of Naples is shaken by this tragedy, which highlights the need for greater regulation and control of nautical activities. Accidents such as the one that caused the death of Cristina Frazzica highlight how the risks associated with lack of compliance with safety regulations at sea are commonplace.

It is vital that steps are taken to ensure such events do not happen again by increasing vigilance and enforcement of existing laws.

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