Coronation of King Charles: Harry and Meghan invited, but with rules to follow

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

King Charles III, after many ifs and buts, finally decided to invite the prince as well Harry and Meghan Markle at her coronation on May 6, 2023, but "under certain conditions". Here are which ones.

After the sad death of Queen Elizabeth II, which took place on September 8, 2022, there were many questions about what would happen to the Royal Family next. Obviously, as expected, Prince Charles became king, with the name of King Charles III, but everyone wondered if, considering what they have "combined" in the previous months, he would have invited the principle Harry and Meghan Markle to participate in the coronation ceremony, which will be held next 6 May 2023.

In the end, however, after many ifs and buts, the invitation was there and also the Dukes of Sussex will be able to participate in the historic event, but ad “some conditions” and following to the letter of very strict instructions on what they will and will not be able to do.

Principle of use Harry and Meghan Markle: What they won't be able to do during the coronation of King Charles III

A source very close to English Royal Family stated that, if the principle Harry and Meghan Markle will be invited tocoronation of King Charles III, given the very tense relationship between him and the rest of the family (especially with the principle William and Kate Middleton), they will have to talk exclusively about the weather.

A more than understandable condition, if we consider the "trips" that, in the previous months, the Prince Harry gave to the Royal Family (the last one with “Spare-The minor”) and that, he and Meghan Markle they are not known to keep their mouths shut. And, as we know, words “misspoken” can sink ships too!

Another insider reported that, King Charles III, he also decided to invite the rebellious dukes not only to be able to embrace his younger son again, but also because otherwise "it would have been a public relations nightmare if the couple had not been at least encouraged to participate."

The question now is whether the principle Harry and Meghan Markle whether or not they will go to the coronation. The hypotheses, in this case, are two: either the second son of King Charles III, to protect his wife, he will go alone, or they will come in pairs as on the occasion of funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

We'll see what they decide to do: all the options, and bets, are open.

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Written by Frances Orelli
Image source: Instagram profile Prince Harry of England (@princeharryofengland)
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