Influencer from Porzio cancels stories when the bill arrives

Monday, 18/09/2023
Gennaro Marchesi

Ah, social media! That parallel world where everyone seems to live a fairytale life, especially the influencers.

But what happens when reality knocks on the door in the form of a bill payable? Here is the story of a clash between an influencer and Errico Porzio, owner of a seafront pizzeria, who turned the spotlight on the delicate balance between online visibility e business ethics.

What happened at Porzio's?

Imagine the scene: an influencer enters Errico Porzio's pizzeria, orders, eats and has fun. In the meantime, take photos and share stories enthusiastic on social media. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, until the time comes to pay the bill.

And here the stories disappear as if by magic from his page.

What the influencer said

Our protagonist was not long in coming and immediately spoke up, writing to Porzio and explaining that for her social media is a work in all respects. She is not willing to do free advertising, but is open to exchanges of services or products.

In practice, if the pizzeria had offered her dinner, the stories would have remained online.

Porzio's reaction

Errico Porzio, evidently surprised from this turn of events, he decided to reply through his Facebook page. She clarified of not having invited the influencer and that he was not even present during his visit. In a tone between incredulous and ironic, he asked if all of this was one joke.

There are many doubts that arise

It is correct that work must always be paid, but in general it is preferable to have an agreement beforehand. Furthermore, a personality like Porzio doesn't need publicity, which makes the presence of an agreement even more important.

But then, if work must always be paid, its price was really that of a pizza?

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