Circumvesuviana in Naples: reduced service for the summer with many cancellations

Sunday, 03/07/2022
Fabiana Bianchi

It promises to be ablack summer for travelers on EAV means of transport because the company announced that for this period the strokes will be reduced and therefore there will also be fewer trains in circulation.

The EAV reported that many of the responsibilities are due to "un group of irresponsible people who wants chaos in this hot summer, when tourists are finally back on the Vesuviana, some workers announce protests and forms of non-collaboration and a sort of white strike".

Clearly these "irresponsible" they ask for more money, but it is an inadmissible request in this period of economic crisis due to many factors, including Covid and war. The company explicitly said there are no funds. In any case this chaotic situation it has already created a lot of discontent among the thousands of commuters they use every day cumana, Circumvsuviana, MetroCampania NordEst and the long-distance trains Eav.

Reductions and cancellations of trains

The consequence of all this is the reduction of trains and journeys, a situation that will make summer very difficult for everyone. The eastern area of ​​Naples

27 31 from June to August 2022, therefore, for two months, the exercise program will be modified. Let's see all the variations for the summer. Furthermore, also due to the increase in infections from Covid, there is a staff reduction that proves further reductions and cancellations of the races.

Reductions for the Circumvesuviana

Naples-Sorrento line

The weekday direct trains (DD) indicated below will not be operated until August 31, 2022:

  • 10648 train of the 06 hours: 48 from Sorrento to Naples
  • 11833 train of the 18 hours: 34 from Naples to Sorrento

On weekdays, instead of the aforementioned, the following DD trains will be operated as per the holiday program, with routing via Barra:

  • 1068 train of the 06 hours: 48 from Sorrento to Naples
  • 11847 train at 18:48 from Naples to Sorrento.

Naples-Ottaviano-Sarno line

  • 6117 at 11:40 am from Naples to Sarno
  • 6132 at 13:22 from Sarno to Naples

Naples-San Giorgio-Torre del Greco line

The races will be suspended from June 27th to August 31st. You can consult the timetables of the replacement service Naples-San Giorgio a Cremano via CDN in the detailed table. They are run by the company "Romano Bus".

Naples-Pomigliano D'Arco line

These races will also be suspended from 27 June to 31 August.

Naples-Nola-Baiano line

Not all of the following weekday trains will be operated:

from Naples to Baiano

  • train 8069 at 06:50
  • train 8101 at 10:02
  • train 8173 at 17:14
  • train 8193 at 19:14
  • 8153 at 15:14
  • 8073 at 7:14 am (canceled only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

from Baiano to Naples

  • train 8064 at 06:32
  • train 8072 at 07:20
  • train 8084 at 08:32
  • train 8116 at 11:44
  • 8168 at 16:56
  • 8088 at 8:56 am (canceled only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Naples-Sarno line

Not all of the following weekday trains will be operated:

from Naples to Sarno

  • train 6069 at 06:52
  • train 6097 at 09:40
  • train 6105 at 10:28
  • train 6121 at 12:04
  • train 6133 at 13:16
  • train 6177 at 17:40

from Sarno to Naples

  • train 6064 at 06:34
  • train 6084 at 08:34
  • train 6112 at 11:22
  • train 6120 at 12:10
  • train 6136 at 13:46
  • train 6148 at 14:58

Naples-Scafati-Poggiomarino line

Not all of the following weekday trains will be operated:

from Naples to Poggiomarino

  • train 4065 at 06:35
  • train 4073 at 07:23
  • train 4097 at 09:47
  • train 4121 at 12:11
  • train 4149 at 14:59
  • train 4101 of 10:11 from Naples to Poggiomarino
  • 4116 train of the 11 hours: 40 from Poggiomarino to Naples
  • 4117 train of the 11 hours: 47 from Naples to Poggiomarino
  • 4132 train of the 13 hours: 16 from Poggiomarino to Naples

from Poggiomarino to Naples

  • train 4080 at 08:04
  • train 4088 at 08:52
  • train 4112 at 11:15
  • train 4136 at 13:40
  • train 4164 at 16:28

The reductions of the lines for Benevento and Piedimonte Matese

From June 27th to August 31st the following races are not available:

Benevento line

  • 3771 at 4:41 from Benevento Appia to Naples
  • 3770 at 6:33 am from Cancello to Benevento
  • 3793 at 18:49 from Benevento to Naples
  • 3792 at 21:13 from Naples to Benevento

Piedimonte Matese line

  • 7869 at 14:31 from Piedimonte to Naples
  • 7870 at 17:20 from Naples to Piedimonte
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