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The episode would have happened after the coronation of King Charles III, which took place on May 6, 2023: Princess Kate Middleton, according to what was revealed by Tom Bower, biographer of the royals, would have categorically refused to bow before the newly crowned Queen Camilla. Here because.

After that of principle Harry and Meghan Markle, will there soon be another "estrangement" from the British Royal Family? Maybe so and it may be that, this time, this "detachment" will be made by one of the most loved couples among the royals: the one formed by the Prince William and Kate Middleton.

How come? Well, according to what was revealed by Tom Bower, the royal biographer, Middleton, the coronation day of King Charles III, it would be categorically refused to bow before Queen Camilla, who had just been crowned.

And not only her: also her husband, the prince William, as she only paid homage to her father, but she didn't even glance at her stepmother, as if she meant nothing to him.

Why the prince William and Kate Middleton didn't bow before the new queen Camilla?

As stated by Bower, there seems to be more than one reason why the principle William and Kate Middleton have decided not to bow before Queen Camilla: in fact, it seems that the two are very angry with her, both for the decision to opt for a more restricted ceremony, and for other more personal and more "embarrassing" reasons.

Let's start with the first: due to the decision to limit the Coronation guest list to 2000 people, the Princess Kate he was only able to invite four people. Pippa and James Middleton therefore, her two brothers were forced to appear without their respective partners. A fact that the Duchess of Wales did not like, and neither did the prince William.

The second is that the Queen Camilla, in his “personal guest list”, he also included Rose Hansbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, with whom it is rumored that the Prince William is having an affair and, even, is still his lover. A decision that, apparently, was not taken well by Kate Middleton, who doesn't look kindly on the woman.

The most malignant ones, in the United Kingdom, have said that, probably, the Queen Camilla he did it with the purpose of replicating a “Lady Diana two”, when she, still in love with King Charles III, was invited to official events in which there was also Lady Diana. And perhaps, to himself, he hopes that his "luck" can also happen to Rose Hansbury, and this despite the fact that the latter is still married.

Among the reasons there are also the prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but for different reasons

The third and last reason is that the Queen Camilla seems to be doing everything to maintain its status quo and prevent a rapprochement between King Charles III and Prince Harry. A fact that, if previously it was widely shared by Prince William and Kate Middleton, especially after the publication of Spare-The minor, now appears to be opposed by both Dukes of Wales.

Recall that the Prince Harry, in his autobiography, he hadn't thought more than twice to point to the Queen Camilla as "the villain of the situation", writing that she has always schemed to obtain favorable treatment from the press to the detriment of her and Meghan Markle. Words that, in recent days, have also found confirmation, given that Christopher Andersen, the royal expert, stated that, whenever King Charles III tries to hand an olive branch to his rebellious son and his wife, promptly reminds them of what he wrote in Spare-The minor about him and about her.

An attitude that, apparently, has been noticed by both the Prince William and Kate Middleton and which, added to everything else, could translate into another "defection" from the British Royal Family. Only time, however, will tell us if this will happen or if Kate Middleton, considering the hatred she now feels towards her mother-in-law, she could decide to make an even more striking gesture with her husband.

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Written by Frances Orelli
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