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Neapolitan cuisine recipes

Neapolitan recipes with traditional dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine and recipes for Christmas, Easter and Carnival.

Here's how to make some simple recipes together with your children, having fun at home in full emergency from Coronavirus to Na ...

  Our recipe of Neapolitan black pudding, the tasty chocolate cream ideal for Carnival chatter!

The Giffonese cake looks like a tart rich in the taste of local hazelnuts. Here is the recipe.

The recipe for fried cream comes from the oldest shops in Naples and is a real delicacy!

A poor ingredient, the beans become the protagonists of a recipe to be licked with a white pizza with pecorino cheese.

The recipe for the little known “brusciato” risotto, a tasty first course of the Campania tradition.

Pasta and lentils according to the tradition of Campania, here is the recipe of a first peasant taste.

A seasonal vegetable, the Scarola, becomes a fried zeppolina to eat hot in the streets of Naples. Here is the recipe.

An imaginative recipe for recycling, with the baccalà as the undisputed protagonist. Here's how to prepare spaghetti with cod and ...