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Klimt Experience in Naples: the immersive exhibition in the Basilica of the Holy Spirit [Photo]

Klimt Experience in Naples

Even Naples is home to the wonderful Klimt Experience, the immersive exhibition on the works, life and career of the Austrian artist in the Basilica of the Holy Spirit!

It also comes to Naples the beautiful Klimt Experience Immersive exhibition on the masterpieces of the Austrian artist which will take place in Basilica of the Holy Spirit. 20 2018 will begin October 3 and 2019 February will end making the public live aexperience original and exciting on the works of Gustav Klimt.

After success ofevent at the Royal Palace of Caserta, the multimedia exhibition makes its stop in Naples giving us a very nice and detailed insight into the works "vita" and career of the Austrian genius thanks to multimedia video installations and really impressive sound effects. The novelty of the Neapolitan edition is the Hall of Mirrors.

In the exhibition there are, in a multimedia way, great works like The tree of Life, The kiss, Judith I e Danae. combines digital images, music, physical objects and virtual reality.

Immersive Room

The journey in the exhibition is almost oneiric and begins in the Immersive Room where one can experience images and sounds of one narration conceived by the director director Stefano Fomasi by Fake Factory. They will be ad High Definition and 360 ° evoking the works of Klimt selected by the art historian Sergio Risaliti.

Lo show exhibition lasts 85 minutes and also includes the introductory area to the exhibition that summarizes the life and artistic career of Klimt. You can admire and listen biographical pills and iconic suggestions in a kaleidoscope of signs and figures on the walls and on the floor: a uninterrupted flow of music and images with very high definition projected in sync on the megaschermi and in videomapping on the extraordinary walls of the main nave and the ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors.

The Hall of Mirrors

It is the new and innovative element with respect to the exhibition in the Royal Palace of Caserta and, in the Basilica of the Holy Spirit, makes the exhibition even more evocative with the projections in high definition of the works on the ceiling, on the floor and on the walls of this room magica. It is the place of the Basilica of the Holy Spirit where you can magnificently make gods Selfie to take a picture of this immersion in the colors of the works.

Experience in 3D

Thanks to the Oculus VR you can experience the 3D reality and the viewers are developed exclusively for the "Klimt VR Experience"From Orwell Milan. This company has developed aapp specifically for the exhibition and, through the viewers, allows let the user immerse himself in the four most important paintings of the Viennese artist.

In the final part of the itinerary there is an exhibition of ten dresses reproduced with drawings and textures that have become immortal thanks to the art of Klimt. They are inspired by those that were made for Klimt's partner atelier, Emilie Flöge.

Organizational partner is Time4Fun and the exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Medea and Mediterranea associations and is sponsored by the Municipality of Naples.

Photo gallery

Some of the images of the immersive experience, for a taste of what you will admire.

Information on the Klimt Experience in Naples

When: from 20 October 2018 to 3 February 2019

Where: Basilica of the Holy Spirit, Via Toledo 402


  • Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 - 20.00 (last entry 19.00 hours)
  • Monday 14.00 - 20.00 (last entry 19.00 hours)


  • adults: 13,00 €
  • students and over 65: 10,00 €
  • handicapped *: 10,00 €
  • boys from 5 to 12 years: 8,00 €
  • children under 5: free
  • groups of more than 15 people **: 8,00 €
  • schools **: 6,00 €

* For those entitled, the companion has free admission - 104 / 92 Law
** For the booking services a € 1,00 fee must be added for each component

Contacts: Facebook page | info.napoli@klimtexperience.com | Official site | Facebook event

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