Paper is a game for us at the State Archives of Naples: a journey through ancient packs of Neapolitan cards

Starting from Saturday 25 May until 31 August 2024 at the State Historical Archive of Naples you can visit an unmissable exhibition entitled "The Charter makes fun of us." The Chiostro del Platano will be enriched with history and magic to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

An association of experts, namely the IPCS, which collects, will also participate in the exhibition collectors enthusiasts of the genre, who have decided to make their collections available to guests, including rare decks which are true historical and social testimonies.

The itinerary of the exhibition

By admiring the beautiful exhibition at the State Archives of Naples you will be able to learn about the history of playing cards in Naples, all the types present and lots of curiosities about the main ones paper masters. In fact, the latter carried out a real profession born in the 15th century.

They will be admired sixteenth-century playing cards, in particular 25 of the 48 cards of the “cards to Dragons”, the precious pre-1826 “King's Papers” of which we know only 5 decks of playing cards in the world, and then again the papers from Riversino, the smuggled papers and much more.

In short, if you want to immerse yourself in this world rich in history and art, all you have to do is visit the exhibition. For all the information you can consult the official website of the State Archives.

  • Where: State Archives, Naples
  • When: from Saturday 25 May 2024 to Saturday 31 August 2024
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