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The promise will also return during the week from 26 February to 1 March 2024 to continue to give us exciting twists in the turbulent history of Manuel and Jana. Indeed, it will happen something that will particularly disturb the girl and that will make her think she has lost the love of her life forever. But not only! Here are some of the juiciest previews for next week.

Shock at La Promessa, Jimena is pregnant

The week of The Promise will start off really well. They will be protagonists Jimena and Manuel. The girl, in fact, will reveal to her husband about be sweetly expecting. An unexpected pregnancy that will deeply shock the boy who will be left speechless.

The next day, during breakfast, the two boys will also inform their family: they will soon be parents!

Jana's suspicions

Jana saw Don Lorenzo and Elisa in a moment of particular intimacy. The two, in fact, were surprised by the waitress while they kissed passionately. A kiss that will arouse considerable astonishment in Jana who, subsequently, he will talk about it with Curro. The girl will also expose her doubts: that the count is, in reality, plotting something and hiding some important secret that could shock everyone? We know there is something and it will come to light very soon!

An unexpected marriage proposal

Comparison what we will witness next is full of emotion Salvador and Maria. For the two, after the boy's return from the front (an experience that changed him a lot), it will be time to open their hearts. Salvador, in particular, will get closer to Maria by confessing to her how much he actually missed her when he was away. But she won't end up here: Salvador he will ask his beloved to marry him! A great twist!

Catalina and Don Alonso leave together?

Catalina wanted for a long time go see Cruz. Since the woman has been in a psychiatric clinic, many things in La Promessa have changed and many others will change again. Don Lorenzo will convince the woman a delegate a third person to sign the contracts: a proposal that the woman will accept but only and exclusively because this will be theonly way to leave together with Don Alonso towards the clinic.

Catalina in trouble at La Promessa

The presence of Beatriz doesn't like it to many! For this reason, Don Alonso, before leaving, he will force Martina to send the girl away in the shortest possible time! Too bad that for her, he knows, it won't be absolutely easy since she is blackmailed by Beatriz and push her away it would mean ending up, in turn, in trouble!

The young woman will find a friendly word and a tip in Curro with whom he will decide to confide. The two will find themselves very close to the point that they are about to kiss. It's a pity that someone arriving at that very moment will interrupt them!

Jana desperate!

The news of Jimena's pregnancy will arrive, despite himself, even to the ears of Jana. For the girl it will be a real shock. He will burst into tears and he will see his future completely changed. Is it possible that the boy she loves is expecting a child from someone else?

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