The Promise, previews and spoilers from 1 to 5 April

Jana, Cruz and Curro in The Promise

Fans of The promise, are you ready for a week full of twists, emotions and surprises? The first one is sure to arrive Monday 1 April, Easter Monday, when the Spanish soap will air with an XL date starting from 14pm until 10pm. What will happen? We anticipate that we will find ourselves in front of episodes not to be missed in which Curro will learn the truth from Jana, Cruz will return home e Beatriz will finally be removed. But that's not all, are you curious to find out more?

Jimena pretends to have lost her memory

Yet another problem for Manuel which will be more and more at the mercy of Jimena's manipulations. The woman did pretend to have been hit on the head. She will begin to pretend, among other things, that she has forgotten everything and has, therefore, lost my memory. Jana will try, once again, of open the eyes of the young man marquis but, as happened in the previous days, even now the boy he absolutely won't want to believe to the words of the waitress. Jana, then, will also have another reason to get angry with Manuel: his refusal to participate in the Herzog Cup because of Jimena!

Beatriz is about to leave The Promise

The words of Martina they will hit the uncle. The girl he will talk about Beatriz and of his imbalance manifested several times with all the invented lies. Because of this the marquis will decide that the girl will have to leave La Promessa as soon as possible. In the end the young he will have to leave but he will swear revenge!

A special dinner with an unexpected ending for Don Carlos

Finally the dinner between Candela, Simona and Don Carlos will take place. A special dinner in which the guest will be treated with kid gloves by Candela. Simona, on the other hand, will remain on her mind a little longer and we know the reason why: she fears that Candela will discover her secret.

Ready for anything, really Simona will try to chase Don Carlos away from the estate but will achieve the opposite effect. Don Romuloin fact, he will offer him one, just to stay higher salary! Simona will have no choice but to accept but will ask the teacher to never reveal anything about their secret!

Salvador and Lope fight in The Promise?

At La Promessa, relations between Lope and Salvador have not been excellent for some time! Things are about to take a drastic turn right now: Lope will confess to Salvador that he has fallen in love with Maria! What a shock! The relationship between the two, at this point, will change radically to the point that Salvador will no longer want to carry out any tasks with his now ex-friend: he won't be able to believe what he has learned!

Donna Pia, what a disappointment the night with Gregorio!

Don Pia he insisted quite a bit to succeed sleep, finally, together with her husband. For her, however, it will be a far from pleasant experience since she discovers that Gregorio He snores very loudly!

Jana confesses the truth to Curro

Jana he will make an unexpected decision: he will want to find the house where he shared his last moments with his mother and brother. Precisely in the wake of this choice, the girl he will talk to Curro and will confess the whole truth to him. She will tell him that he is actually her brother and that his real name is not Curro but Marcos. The surprises for Curro will not end here: Martina will confess her feelings to him even if he, shocked by the previous truth, will not be able to be very careful!

Cruz returns to La Promessa

In a completely unexpected way, another twist will occur in The Promise. Cruz will return home and it will be a surprise for everyone! Elisa won't take it well at all: the Marchioness's return will represent a significant problem for her, especially after all the efforts made to send her to the clinic. Venting to Don Lorenzo, Elisa will complain about the fact that no one asked her about it. What will be her countermove?

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @The Promise
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