The Promise, plots of the week from 15 to 19 April

Don Gregorio and Pia at La Promessa
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The promise is about to delight us with another week that promises to be full of exciting twists and turns. Let's discover together what awaits us from 15 to 19 April 2024. Attention: we announce that these will be episodes that will mark a turning point in the entire plot and that are absolutely worth not missing. Just tell us that Martina and Curro will let themselves be overwhelmed by passion and make love and Don Gregorio will propose to Pia to leave La Promessa. Curious to find out the rest? Follow us, we are about to reveal everything to you!

The Promise, plot of the episode of Monday 15 April 2024

The week is already off to a great start for The Promise with today's episode in cui Curro will clearly tell Jana that he is happy to be her brother but of wanting keep it a secret so as not to risk losing Martina. Cruz will become increasingly annoyed by Jana and he will think he has to permanently distance her from Jimena who, in the meantime, will embarrass the waitress in front of Manuel. Candela will reveal to Don Carlos that he has discovered his secret on the letters for Simona.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Tuesday 16 April 2024

The Baron's inheritance issue will finally be concluded and a toast will be held at La Promessa. Elisa, at this point will have to go but he won't do it without first making his mark. Moving towards the door, in fact, he will stop in front of Don Alonso and kiss him in front of everyone then promising revenge.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Wednesday 17 April 2024

Increasingly tense relations between Maria and Salvador who, since he returned from the front, has no longer been the same. Lope's confession then only made everything worse to the point that certain reactions from the young man will scare Maria. Catalina discovers a terrible clause that Don Lorenzo had inserted in the documents of The Promise and will feel guilty for having allowed herself to be manipulated. Simona and Romulo will try to calm her down who will promise to find a solution to the problem soon.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Thursday 18 April 2024

In a completely unexpected way, Don Gregorio will propose to Pia to leave La Promessa. Believing in Jana's bad faith, Cruz won't be able to bear the waitress to assist Jimena during your pregnancy and will make you understand his feelings in every way. Jana will be highly offended e he will ask Manuel to do something and to tell her mother that if she is close to Jimena it is only and exclusively because he asked her to.

The Promise, plot of the episode of Friday 19 April 2024

Between Martina and Curro It couldn't get better than this! The love story, although secret (or rather known to very few!) goes ahead at full speed. The young man will organize, with the complicity of Lope and Jana, a nice picnic for him and his beloved. Precisely during this outing together between the two there will be a approach full of involvement and passion: they will make love on the lawn! Completely opposite situation, however, between Maria and Salvador who seem increasingly closer to breaking up.

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