The Promise, plots of the week from 2 to 5 April

Curro at La Promessa

The promise continues to excite us and reserve many twists and turns for us, day after day. And then let's discover together what awaits us, from 2 to 5 April 2024, every day, starting from around 16pm, on Canale 40. It will be a crucial week, we can tell you, for the young Curro. Why? Let's find out together, day by day!

The Promise, plot of Tuesday 2 April 2024

Ready for an incredible twist? So make yourselves comfortable because today's episode will be an episode of The promise really exciting. After looking for the house where she recently lived with her mother, in fact, Jana he will make an incredible decision. He will talk to Curro and will tell him the whole truth: he will reveal to him that they are brothers and that his name is actually Marcos. What a shock!

Plot of Wednesday 3 April 2024

Did you think the surprises ended here? Nothing could be more wrong! Will be Cross, today, leaving everyone speechless returning, in a completely unexpected way, to The Promise. Someone, however, won't be happy about it at all: we're talking about Elisa who will see, with this inconvenience, his plan falter. He will complain about the fact that his opinion was not requested and will vent his anger immediately afterwards to Don Lorenzo. Plan B in sight?

Plot for Thursday 4 April 2024

How beautiful it wasfriendship between Lope and Salvador! Too bad this relationship is just a memory and that it will be even clearer when Salvador will ask Romulo to take care of other matters in order not to carry out the tasks that he should have done together with Lope. A real shame but he couldn't have it any other way since Lope confessed to Salvador that he fell in love with Maria.

The Promise, plot of Friday 5 April 2024

Once I got back to The promise, to Cross it will be time to regain control over his life, and not only that. The Marchioness will be furious with Manuel: Why did he let Catalina take over the estate in his absence? For poor Manuel, among other things, there will be no peace: someone else will also have the opportunity to complain about something against him. Who? Warning: in a particular moment like the one you are experiencing, Curro will receive Martina's declaration of love. Too bad he won't be able to give it any weight: he'll be too shocked by what he just learned from Jana!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @The Promise
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