Health in the Square in Vico Equense, free medical visits

la Equal Opportunities Commission and the municipality of Vico Equense have announced a significant event scheduled for September 10th. Entitled "La Salute In Piazza", the initiative includes a day dedicated to free medical visits and prevention activities in the heart of the town, precisely in Piazzale Siani.

What visits are available

To participate in this event, simply log in to dedicated website, fill out the online form and book the desired visit. The primary objective of this open day is to allow early identification of any pathological states and provide in-depth information on clinical situations that are already known, but which require additional evaluation.

A team of medical specialists and professionals of the sector will be available to the population, offering a range of visits that include:

  • Breast ultrasound with Dr. Domenico Cacace
  • Cardiological examination and ECG with Dr. Filomena Cinque
  • Lower limb Doppler with Dr. Mauro Maglione
  • Ultrasound of the gallbladder with Dr. Marilisa Di Meo
  • Urological examination/Prostate ultrasound with Prof. Giuseppe Celentano
  • Colorectal examination with Dr. Ugo Pace
  • Nutritional consultancy and food plans for pathologies with Dr. Salvatore Cuomo
  • Diabetes screening with Dr. Mario Marrone
  • Thyroid ultrasound with Dr. Valeria Marrone
  • ENT visit/Audiometric exam with Dr. Francesca Gargiulo
  • Mole mapping with Dr. Francesco Saverio Aiello
  • Screening of ovarian masses with Dr. Serena Visconti
  • Where: Piazzale Siani, Vico Equense
  • When: Sunday September 10 2023
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