Il Paradiso delle Signore 8, plot, spoilers and previews September 19th

Monday, 18/09/2023
Patricia Maimone
The Paradise of the Ladies

They will also continue in the episode of Tuesday 19 September 2023 emotions for fans of The Ladies' Paradise 8. The previews, on the other hand, speak very clearly: we'll see Umberto investigate to try to uncover Adelaide's secret while Agata, Maria's sister, would like to become the new Venus of Paradise.

Salvo will have something to say about Ciro's work but he will still make an important decision. Space also for the newcomer, Matteo. The boy will continue to look for Marcello to make him a very important revelation.

The Countess is disappointed, Umberto is suspicious

Adelaide will still be very disappointed from Odile's failure to arrive in Milan. After years of forced distance from her daughter, Adelaide will still have to wait to try to build a relationship with her and this will cause her a lot of suffering.

A Marcello will try to console the Countess but the state of sadness in which the woman finds herself will not go unnoticed Umberto. The man has understood that something was wrong and would try to investigate to find out what could have happened that was so serious. She will start asking questions about him annoying Flora who will become very jealous, given the past that unites her partner to Adelaide.

Agata's fears

The life of Irene as prime contractor it will continue to be anything but simple. A new difficulty for her: Lucia has resigned completely suddenly and it will be necessary to replace her as soon as possible. Finding a new Venus, after hiring Delia wasn't easy, it won't be easy at all.

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Maria will propose a solution to Irene: hire his sister Agata like new Venus. Too bad Agata she won't be sure she wants to accept because she's certain that her father wouldn't agree at all. At this point, will Maria intervene to convince Ciro to let her daughter work?

Ciro disappoints Salvatore, Vittorio has an idea

Cyrus, meanwhile, will have started working at the Cafeteria. Too bad, though, that his actions will not satisfy Salvatore which will not see him particularly at ease in the role of bartender. Armando, however, will intercede for his friend and ask to wait a little time in order to give Puglisi time to acclimate to this new reality.

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Vittorio, in the meantime, will develop a winning idea to revive the fortunes of Il Paradiso, especially after the inauguration of the Galleria Milano Moda. He will create a new line of clothes entirely dedicated to men. Will this really be the winning solution?

A burning revelation for Marcello

Who hasn't been moved by the unexpected kiss that an unknown boy gave to Maria after saving her from some thugs. The beautiful Matteo (a new entry this season) will be looking for Marcello and, once found, the will make a truly unexpected revelation.

The boy, determined and with strong ambitions just like Marcello, he will confess to Barbieri that he is, in reality, his half-brother. Shocking news, destined to change Marcello's life forever.

When and how to see Il Paradiso delle Ladies 8

The Ladies' Paradise 8 airs every day, Monday to Friday, 16pm about, up Rai Uno. Alternatively you can follow the episodes on RaiPlay for free o repeated on Saturdays on Rai Premium.

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