Work on Corso Malta, dates and delays from 2 October

Corso Malta in Naples
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Please note: motorists and residents, a series of works are about to take place in Malta course. From October 2 to December 22, this vital artery of the city will suffer a remarkable metamorphosis. The work will take place in crosses Zara and via Fiume, operations will go from removal of trees and shrubs to the finishing of the road surface, up to development of traffic islands.

But don't worry, the traffic will continue to flow, thanks to a well-studied programming in stages, but there could be further ones traffic peaks and traffic jams, taking into account the traffic inputs from the highway and the ring road.

Dates and phases of work

Phase 1, the central traffic island

La first stage, which will be from 2 October at 10 November 2023, it's sort of refreshed at the heart of the street: The central traffic island. Not just aesthetics, but a question of safety and functionality.

Phase 2, the lateral traffic island on the Via Zara side

Subsequently, from November 13 to December 1, 2023, the spotlight will move to via Zara side. Here, the lateral traffic dividers they will be renovated, to make the ring road a little more glamorous.

Phase 3, the lateral traffic island on the barracks side

Finally, from 1 to 22 December 2023, the focus will be on Barracks side. The lateral traffic dividers of this part will receive their touch of beauty, in the direction of Centro Direzionale.

Calendar and summary

Everything has been planned to ensure a continuous traffic flow. It's like a big theater show, but where intermission is banned. The work will progress, the street will become more beautiful, and life will follow its course.

PhaseStart dateEnd dateIntervention area
Phase 12 October 202310th November 2023Central traffic island
Phase 213th November 20231 December 2023Side traffic island via Zara
Phase 31 December 202322 December 2023Lateral traffic island on the barracks side
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